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Pricing changes coming 1st February 2022

Change coming in 2022 – well potentially

Hello it’s been a while since we chatted and I have a couple of changes coming in 2022 and it’s time to give you a heads-up about them.

Changes to pricing for some services

My diary is filling up at the moment and I wanted to give you heads-up that my pricing, which has been static since 2018/19, will be changing on 1st Feb. I have been assessing things over the last two years and have noticed a bit of a discrepancy.
I’m bringing a few things into line with the energy expended for the work done as they are out of balance. And it’s time to fix it. Luckily several services won’t be changing at all as the balance is correct. Yay! Sometimes I listen to the team when they tell me something important. Other times not so much – which is what I am correcting in Feb.
And the good mews is there’s no need to panic as any changes will not be huge leaps, simply small adjustments. Phew!
Anything booked in Jan for later in the year will honour the current pricing.

Ch, ch, chaaaaanges… a potential shift in direction

I am also apparently starting to change direction in what I and the team do/offer. As and when I can share this I will as it’s all very fluid right now and I haven’t fully committed either way.
This is all based on what people are asking me to assist them with and the correlation/connection that I’m being shown. It’s pretty interesting and may explain a lot of things that my team have thrown at me over the last 2 years. Hindsight is as we say 20:20 vision *wry smile at that statement*
You know me, I’m not one to stand in one place energy wise for very long.
Gotta go with the flow when it shifts
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