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Dragon figures in the clouds with a channelled message.

Channelled Dragon message from 2018

Dragon figures in the clouds with a channelled message.
Dragon revealed in the clouds with a channelled message.


I wanted to share something I wrote in one of my groups in January 2018 as a channelled message that’s popped back up. Now things have shifted for me but this information stills holds true. Indeed I would say it’s needing to be repeated a bit louder right now.

Feel into it and see what pops up for you. They speak far more eloquently than I ever can.

Re-shared from Jan 2018

I’m getting a rather strong message from my team which I’m going to pass forwards.
It’s pretty simple for a change.
Long but simple if that makes sense.

There is so much misinformation and glamour out there about us purporting to be truth. Go deep into your heart when you come across it and those who bring it forwards and ask yourself does it FEEL right. Does it resonate with what has come direct to you from us?

If it does not question your feelings on the person bringing it forwards. Not your thought but your feelings.

Do they make claims that sound too good to be true, do they make claims of being a prophet or a seer that taste off in your mouth. Something around the edges that raise questions?

Trust yourself on this we do not need, use or want glamour around us. You know that is not our way. We are not here to be summoned or controlled or even told what to do by humans. You know this, indeed you know better than this. Don’t allow yourself to be duped into believing something you know in your heart to be at odds with us and how we communicate or even interact with you direct.

We work with who WE choose to not the other way about. Remember this always. Those who call us we will delve into their energy and if they are not the correct fit we will step back.

But be cautious not to be desperate to connect as you may call out so loud you attract the attention of beings who are not us……the beings who purport to be us with all the smoke and mirrors. You know of what we speak.

Use this as a lesson in discernment or truth if you will. Like the channel we are working through right now to bring this message to you. She doubts her abilities and connection at this time despite knowing in her heart it is true – that the information she hears and sees is correct. But that doubt is a natural process of the discernment of which we speak. Without it she would let in so much that was not of our realm.

Child all is well , your faith in yourself is returning , we have much to do and this is simply part of the preparation for what is soon to come forwards. You will be ready very soon.

We send you all our gratitude, respect and love for your pure intention towards us, our realm and our work.”

I’m not an expert , I make no claims of being one I never have.

I’m simply a channel.

It’s amazing what pops back up

Now I’m not generally one to look backwards at what I have written. But very recently some older posts are popping back up.

What they have to say still hold relevance now. In fact I’d go as far to say they are MORE important to hear now.

As and when they pop up I will pass them on as my team are getting louder and louder these days.


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