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Energy workers don’t always have clarity

What on earth do you mean by “energy workers don’t always have clarity?” Surely that’s the one thing they do have?

For others yes, for ourselves not always.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

All too often I see messages from folk saying they feel lost or stuck and can’t see a way forwards. Or that they’ve had readings/guidance but can’t see it themselves. Or have lost contact with their team/guides.

Can I tell you a home truth? That happens to me too you know.

I have absolutely no clue what’s going on behind the scene, nor do I have clarity or focus for where I’m headed next.


No really. I have had in this month 2 readings from people who I trust, who are able to read my energy. Both unbeknownst to each other have given very similar information they have seen in my energy and from my team direct. In a couple of instances almost word for word.

What have I seen for myself?
Absolutely nothing.
Sweet FA.

This is the rub for many energy/light workers. We get very clear glimpses into others energies and can be given all sorts of information to pass along. But when we look at ourselves it’s like radio silence. Well, it can be for me and it is right now.

“That must be frustrating”

Just a tad *said with a wry smile*.
But I’m trusting my team will sort it out. That I can shift whatever is blocking things and allow everything to flow once more.

My team have a habit of just dropping things seemingly out of the blue into my lap. With no warning. When in truth my Higher Self knows exactly what’s going on and leaves it till the last minute so I can’t bolt.

I’m known for procrastination and my team is fully aware of that. So last minute tends to be the way of things.
Or I open my mouth and something seemingly random pops out. Wee hint – it’s never random.

The moral of the story

Don’t stress it.

If others can see things for you and you get confirmation then fantastic.
If you can’t see it quite yet don’t worry.
You will when you need to.

Let it play out and trust it’ll be as it should. Because it will anyway.

Take it from one who knows, clarity comes with hindsight