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Blog updating some information from Labradorite crystal

Labradorite speaks

It’s not often I do this as I tend to keep the crystal and energy world separate but I was given a message from Labradorite. And it’s time to share it.

As many of you will know I have been working with crystals for a while. And this started before I started helping others move on preloved pieces to new caretakers.

During this work I get messages direct from the crystals themselves. Which I share when they are ready to move on. But this was a broader update/message. It happened during a Zoom call and I promised to share it.

Now many of you who already work with crystals and Labradorite in particular will already have this information. It will be confirmation for you and confirmation for me.

So what did Labradorite speak of ?

It was fairly direct and straight to the point.

I work with Labradorite as a go-to for energetic protection in my work. Indeed many crystals which have a reflective component or sheen work in this way with me. Labradorite, sheen obsidian and seraphinite to name a few. And in combination they are powerful in this role.

What I was told and shown is that Labradorite is stepping up energy wise , and has been for a while now. I can concur on this as I have seen an increase in movement of it in the Preloved group.

Why has it stepped up?

That’s the fascinating part.

We were discussing increases solar activity and energetic downloads/upgrades and I was given the following.

“We connect with the Aurora’s as many of you have already realised. But in this increased stream of solar activity we are absorbing these energies directly and passing them to you in a more diffuse way. Thus allowing your energetic and physical bodies to absorb, integrate and shift in a gentler way.”

They are also changing in flash colour I have noticed in 2020.

Know for the beautiful blue and gold flash seen on the surface as lights plays across it. I have noticed a shift and seeing far more colours than before – purple, lilac, red, orange and just recently green. The piece in the photo below is now part of my own team and while this photo was taken some months ago this has changed. I can see all the colours of the rainbow and it’s magnificent.

photo of a piece of labradorite from my own collection

If you have a piece connect in and really look deep into it – you may see it has changed. Indeed the more you physically hold a piece the pop flash seems to pop up before your eyes.

Now as to whether they have changed or we are seeing MORE is up for debate.

Regardless this was their message and I have now passed it on.

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