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moving from angelic reiki to dragon energy

Free Angelic Reiki is changing to something more in keeping

Well, it had to happen at some point.


As many of you know I have been offering on the 1st of each month free distance Angelic reiki. As a way of paying it forwards.


Only it hasn’t been straight Angelic reiki for some time. Gradually over time it has been becoming more and more dragon in essence. And it’s time to honour this.


To step into the space and own it fully.


So from the 1st August at 7pm we move. To something more in alignment with my team, myself and my work.

To where I have been guided for some time but kept a different name on it to be more “palatable”.

As part of walking my own talk it’s beyond time to be fully transparent *wry smile*.


moving from angelic reiki to dragon energy


So to those of you who continue to travel with me I trust you will enjoy as before.



Dragon Ascension Therapies