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A simple message from my team

A simple message to share from my team

I’ve been given a very simple message from my team/higher self to share.

It came in last month and was crystal clear – made a welcome change.
Rather than sitting on it for 6 months as I do most things I’ve decided to put it out there.

Why today?

Because today marks my solar return (birthday) and in the spirit of getting off my backside and out of my own way it’s time to let this go up.

It will resonate for some and may spark something for others.

A simple message from my team
The simplest of messages from my team

This very simple easy to grasp info has sparked all sorts for me. And has spiralled into all sorts of other things and directions.

It’s really has struck a cord. I have been asking time and again for things to be stripped back to basics and that’s precisely what I’ve been given.

The old adage of “keep it simple stupid” has kicked in.

So what exactly does it mean?

In the simplest of terms I’ll do my best to translate – knowing my team as I do.

That all things when pulled back are code.
If something in your life isn’t going as it should there may be a bug in said code.
So hit pause, investigate, defragment the hard-drive , run a virus check.
Find and isolate the code that’s out of sorts.
Decide if you need to delete it or if you can fix it, or if its better to write new code from scratch.
Do the needful
Install/re-install and run once more.

I seem to get given info in terms of computer programming. Which is hysterical as it’s not something I’m overly familiar with! But I can translate it – to a degree.

An alternative translation of the same simple process.

As they like to give me choice (laughing as I type that) I was given another scenario.

image with simple message from my team
Alternate translation of the simple message from my team

That all things vibrate at their own unique frequency – include yourself.
If something isn’t quite right at a discernment level then sense check.
Find where you are out of frequency/balance with yourself.
Acknowledge the clashing vibrations and decide to either remove, repair or replace.
Once you are in harmony/in balance then continue onwards.

This is complete confirmation for me of the Alignment to Self work that has come in, and all that is set to follow.


It is simple, but doesn’t mean easy.

Self-work and shadow work can be complicated, frustrating, ever evolving …but worth it.

When you can identify energetically with your own signature you can spot when something goes out of alignment that bit quicker.
So do the work, strip it back to basics and keep going.

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