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Graphic for energetic boundaries mini workshop on 22nd June 2019

Energetic boundaries – mini workshop 22nd June

Graphic for energetic boundaries mini workshop on 22nd June 2019
Energetic boundaries online mini workshop with Dragon Ascension Therapies 22nd June 2019


“Energetic boundaries? What do you mean?”

After chatting with my team they have asked (well a tad more forceful than that) to bring forwards a space to to go more depth about energetic boundaries. What they are, how they work and how they differ from energetic barriers. It was initially going to be a Q&A session but it has expanded into a mini workshop instead.

This will be within the solstice and full moon energies which are the perfect energies to bring this forwards.

You will be given work to do and it will be recorded for you to access afterwards. Those unable to attend at the time will be given the recording to work through.

I suggest having a notepad close to hand and zero expectations. This will lead into your OWN self work and setting of boundaries.

Is this for everyone?

Please note this isn’t light or fluffy and will only be for those who are prepared to do their own work – there may be some swearing and is aimed for those over the age of 18. So if you don’t like swearing or blunt speech this may not be for you. Please use your discernment on this.You’ll know in your gut if it’s for you or not.

You will be able to ask questions during the session either through the chat box or direct on camera if you feel brave enough. Or if you have specific questions you can ask ahead of time and we will build them in.

Energetic boundaries are something my team and I have written about for many years. But he message is getting louder across the board. So a mini workshop it is.

This will be on the zoom platform NOT Facebook and will be limited spaces.

I am asking a small energy exchange of £10 for this one as I will be holding rather large space.

To book:

Simply go to my booking system here and scroll to 22nd June.
Or use the calendar tab to the far left hand side of the system.

Any questions just ask.

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