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photo on blog post a small change can move mountains

a small change in your life can move mountains

*sigh* You have to love working with the dragon realm at times. I was asked to do a live feed on Facebook yesterday to check in after the eclipse window. But then they slipped in a request to make a small change that can have a huge effect.

They didn’t shut up for the whole day till I did it.

Essentially hints and tips to a small change in what you buy and consume. To go plastic free or swap to biodegradable options instead.

A small change with potentially huge cumulative effect.

“Why are they asking you to mention this? Whats it got to do with dragon’s or dragon energy?”

A lot more than you might actually realise in all honesty.

My connection to the planet changed in Nov 2017 and its been getting deeper ever since. I’m being asked to do very specific work on her behalf and my dragon team act as a go-between to translate what I’m being asked to do and why. They are also showing me new ways of working. I’m learning on a daily basis right now.

The dragons have been talking for a while about people being present and making conscious choices. And this very much sit’s in the eco or green camp.

“Oh heck….are you on a soap box?”

No! Really don’t run off just yet. To give you some context I have a science background. More specifically an environmental sciences back ground. So I have an interest in this field as it is and have done for 20+ years. It’s never left me.

I have been making a series of choices and changes in that time. All of them consciously and with the end goal in sight.

The end goal being as green as possible, sending as little waste to landfill as possible and using as much biodegradable products as possible.

It’s a personal choice.

“So why talk about it if its personal?”

My dragons asked me to make this public as so many people are becoming aware. Particularly of waste plastic ending up in our oceans.

And to be encouraged to make the small change they’ve been thinking about.

Small changes can move mountains. And if many people make the same small changes at the same time the ripple effect is immense.

You can click to see the Facebook actual video so you can watch and listen for yourself. I will re-record this at a later date so its a little more compact.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make a small change.

It might be :

1. Moving to recycled toilet paper or bamboo based toiler paper
2. Using recycled tin foil
3. Refusing plastic straws
4. Swapping to biodegradable cotton buds

The list is not exhaustive and many other things are spoken about on the video.

Be brave, make a choice, make a stand and let your voice be heard.

For those wanting to know more I’ve added some links to amazon lists (other sellers are available) for you to see for yourself the range available. If you spot a product that catches your eye please do your own research into it and the company that makes them. You may be surprised!

Bamboo toothbrushes
Biodegradable dental floss
Recycled toilet paper
Biodegradable cotton buds
Recycled tin foil
Paper straws
Biodegradable Bubble wrap
Recycled packaging tape
Biodegradable packing material

Enjoy the process, as trust me making just one small change in your life will prompt you to make more.

The planet, your family and the dragon realm will thank you!