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Feeling a bit flat? Me too

Yes I’m feeling a bit flat too. Slightly uninspired, out of sorts and generally a bit meh.
I don’t know about you but I am absolutely exhausted this week. Not just from work but in general.

“What’s going on?”

It’s partly to do with the ever changing weather attempting to reset our natural clock. And by that I mean gaia’s attempt to bring the seasons back into alignment.

We’ve had some very unseasonal weather in the UK this last few weeks. So unseasonably warm that bumblebees and butterflies have been back, just that little bit too early. Many of us have come out of our hibernation a bit prematurely as well.

Queue some stormy winter weather to help us reset. She can be helpful in that way. Although it might not feel like it at the time!

“Ok I get the weather bit but there must be more”

You’d be right. We have some hefty energies playing about at the moment.

And this can be seen physically on the Schumman resonance, increased Auroras and more. Those sensitive to these things may be feeling either a bit drained or completely energised.

I’m the former

“Ok so what else??”

I can feel, just outside of my awareness, a big shift is coming.

I couldn’t tell you what or when only that’s what my gut is telling me. My team have gone quiet.
As can and does happen around this time. But I have noticed a change in the pattern in the work I’m being asked to do for others…and I’m taking it on board.

I can feel a subtle change in the way I work and I’m just sitting with that even as I type this – as sometimes simply putting the words down is enough for the process to start to make sense. Or it’s just me rambling again you choose

You are NOT alone.

For those who may be feeling fatigued, a bit tired or outright scunnered (good scots word that) it’s only temporary. Take the rest time you’re being nudged towards, find the creative spark that helps you recenter and just go with it.

We often get these quiet or down times to process, recalibrate and get ready for what’s to come.
No doubt what I’ve just written will make more sense for me when I look back in a while.

Just todays inner musings