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Procrastination begone!

Well it’s beyond time. I’ve had preloved stock sitting for months. Waiting for me to get my act together.
And finally after MONTHS of deep, deep procrastination I’m starting to list them for sale in the web-shop.

Why the procrastination?

In all honesty I’m not that sure.
Which sounds a cop out.
But truly I haven’t been able to pinpoint this one.

Which suggests it may have been someone else’s intention for me to sit on my laurels. I get it, it happens.

That’s now been blasted out and I’m making good on my promise to list items here which aren’t on my FB sales group.

To give folk privacy to browse in peace.

A work in progress.

I’m not the most tech savvy person out there so this is a labour of love right now. But I’m doing t which is the main thing after all.

So if you fancy having a look at some preloved/second hand crystals looking for new homes head over to the web-shop and have a look. I have loads more to go up so check in every now and again.

It will feel a random mix but that’s the beauty of preloved crystals. You never know what you might find.


Have fun!