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Gut instincts – time to start paying attention!

picture for blog post : gut instincts


I know I’m always speaking of this but it’s really becoming more and more apparent that quite a few folk are overdue to start listening to those gut instincts. That little (sometimes huge) voice telling you that something doesn’t feel, sound or look right …….listen to it as 9 times out of 10 its proved right.

“Why do you keep bringing this up?Surely gut instincts aren’t THAT important”

Well the work I do for myself and for others in the past 6-12 months is showing more and more instances of huge boundary trespasses that many people are kicking themselves for as they didn’t listen to their own guidance.

“You what?”

Folk who have had their personal or professional boundaries trampled over by others – either draining energy, adding attachments, pointed attacks, implanting or programming of information or ideas which are not part of your soul plan or path.

“Are you scaremongering?”

I’m really not, that’s not what I do – those who know me well or have been aware of my FB page will be fully aware that I’m open about the journey I’ve had to this point. And the years of pointed and honed attack my energy sustained by people(s) I have believed at the time to be friends. You will also be fully aware of the time and energy I have spent clearing my energy, getting to understand my energy and becoming a clearer channel for what works through me and the lessons I’ve learned by coming through the shitty stuff ….without these experiences I couldn’t do what I do now for myself, for others or for the planet.

Awareness is a strong factor in my work and “seeing what has been hidden” is very very important …my team can see straight through the BS that folk can project either consciously or otherwise.

I cannot say strongly enough how important it is to get a handle on YOUR energy so you can determine when something feels out of balance or something just doesn’t feel quite right. No-one knows you better than you.

Seriously. No-One.

So get to learn how you react to situations energetically, if you are empathic can you detect a difference around different people? If you feel drained around someone ask yourself why and start setting boundaries in place too prevent the drain. Is someone constantly in your energy questioning everything that quite honestly they could find out for themselves? – can you guide them to start seeking information elsewhere? Can you tell the difference between your own shadow stuff coming up versus the collective conscious versus an attack? Its a fine line and in many instances what folk shout is an attack on their energy isn’t, so do the self work so you KNOW what’s yours and what’s not – this took me years but it was important for me to learn the hard way – I’ve come to terms with and made peace with it.

There are so many things I could say here but won’t as my journey will not be the same as yours – my journey is mine, your journey is yours.

“Do I need to worry?”

Absolutely not.

Awareness is no cause for concern it’s actually a form of self-care an absolute must for those who are energy workers.

I would suggest not rushing into new ideas, modalities etc until you have taken time to feel around them, sense check its really for you and not a compulsion to attend everything someone does ….as it may be just that – a compulsion – been there done that, beat myself up for a while for falling for it and now have forgiven the whole situation as it was a huuuuuuge learning for me . You have free will so feel free to exercise it. If that gut of yours starts going “this feels like b/s “ then listen to it.

Take a step back, postpone that course or talk , do some self-clearing or chat it through with someone you trust and see what you feel after a bit of distance.

And be very sure the people you seek out are the right ones for you.


I’ve said over and over and will continue to do so that many people in this field are not what they project themselves to be. 99% of the folk ARE genuine but as with all things theres a small percentage that ….how shall I put this delicately? Sod it – the small percentage that are taking the absolute piss and your money and thats it. All I will say is they will have very interesting challenges and situations reflected back to them along the way as what you put out comes back to you – and the energy being what it is currently its pretty much instant.

Sense check what they are saying/teaching and ask yourself is this in alignment with me?

If its not then step back, take a break and if it feels right disconnect and walk away – again I learned this one the hard way , it was far from pretty but by god I’ve learned how to set my boundaries and damn well stick to them – to the point I may seem a bit blunt or harsh to others. And you know what that’s fine by me. There will be times I will say things you don’t agree with or resonate with, I can see things from a very different perspective from most people and thats fine too. I’m only seeing a part of the bigger picture – sense check what I say and if its not right for you step back. I won’t and don’t take it personally – its an energy thing which I more than understand.

As our energy shifts the people we resonate with change too – I’ve stepped back from enough people myself to understand that.

“Give it to me in a nut-shell then.”

So ultimately what I’m saying but taking using a million words when half a dozen would suffice is:

  • Learn to trust your gut or at least listen to it. It knows whats going on even if you can’t sense it straight away.
  • Do the self work to really learn YOUR OWN energy first
  • Sense check the people you see as mentors/teachers
  • If it feels wrong, slightly off balance or too good to be true then step back, take a breath and ask yourself why.
  • Set those personal and professional boundaries and stick to them

What are you waiting for? Get going.