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Introspection time

I’m aware there’s a bit of a flutter on social media today as we have the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.
It’s not the ONLY thing going on but I get the fact it was last seen in 1854-ish. I’ve taken this as a reminder not to get caught up in the hype.
As while it will be important for some people it won’t be for everyone.
And given I’m a bit of a black sheep in the spiritual community I can feel some of the other alignments kicking in for me a little bit more than this one.
But it has perhaps helped facilitate the bit of introspection I’ve had going on today. Namely my place in the cosmos and my role.
Whatever that may be.
Since I’ve been under the weather I’ve been a bit ham-strung in terms of work. I’m aware there’s been a massive shift going on for me and the purge (downtime) and integration have been very important. I can’t tell you what they are only that they are happening.
But it had me grind to a complete halt. And I did start to resent the fact that I was unwell. All my stuff to deal with – and I’m taking it a bit at a time. A lot oddly enough has been ego based – so taking that on the chin.
I was guided today to sit with a new (to me) gatekeeper crystal this afternoon while watching the birds in the garden. And up popped some of the bigger questions:
  • What is my actual role versus what I think it is? (ego based stuff again)
  • Am I doing what I’m meant to be?
  • Have I self sabotaged my growth? (yup I already know the answer to that one)
  • Is anything needing to go to make space?
  • Is my business aligned with my energy as it is or am I clinging to an older version of myself? This was a toughie. As I’d been feeling a bit disenchanted the last couple of months.

Long story short I was given a fairly clear message:

“Sometimes we need to cut back the old growth to allow the plant the opportunity to create fresh new growth in a different direction. Some may bear fruit, others may create beautiful lush greenery thats just as essential.
Don’t be afraid to cut back the spent parts of yourself to allow space for expansion. “
I am currently assessing ALL that I currently do and asking what purpose it serves and if I enjoy the work.
Again another tough question.
Just because you happen to be good at something doesn’t mean you have to take it on. I was great at Chemistry a lifetime ago, but hated it, much preferred Physics. You get the gist.

Sooooooooo where does that leave me?

Currently in observation in all honesty.
But the core question is what do I enjoy doing/working with.
Immediate response was: dragon energy, dino energy , preloved crystals, and the hidden work I do in the background that I don’t speak about for various reasons. But it must be in alignment – that’s the trick.
Anything else will be going by the wayside.
This is another period of integration and consolidation which you see from me on a semi-frequent basis.
If this resonates and you are in a similar space know you are far from alone.
Dragon Ascension Therapies
p.s. I was also shown that patience is key as after 17 years (nearly 18) I finally have goldfinches visiting my garden