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Why do you post stuff when you’re grumpy and shouldn’t be online?

Its a common enough question. Why do I post online when I’m grumpy? In all honesty because I’m human and annoyingly I have to document the crappy stuff alongside the good stuff.

“But why? I don’t understand.”

Because I’m not all sweetness and light.
I’m human and I have my flaws, which I make visible.
I have things that wind me up, I have things that frustrate me.
Without these to check me I wouldn’t be grounded, balanced (obviously not when I’m in the grumpy flow) and able to see both sides of the argument.

And without these I wouldn’t connect the way I’m meant to with others.

“That makes no sense….I wouldn’t post if feeling grumpy.”

Really? To me it makes perfect sense. But then I see things from very different perspectives from other people. I always have.

Shall I give you an example?

Ok – right now as I’m typing this I have been unable to upload photos to Facebook since Friday night (its now Monday night). Small thing isn’t it on the surface? Yes it is and I can see with one part of me its something of absolutely no significance.

So why am I seriously irritated with it all? I run a very busy sales group on FB and if I can’t upload to the group I can’t get stock moving to where it needs to be……and this is a busy time of year.


I know, I know. Its not all about money – this is about the energy flow being cut off and stuck somewhere and I can’t find where it is.

My energetic side of things is telling me an opportunity to use the downtime to do something else – and I will.

The human side of me is simply venting to get it out of the system before I implode. And I do this through my blog space and through my page….as by acknowledging it i can move through it.

“Ok thats starting to make a bit more sense”

This time of year brings a lot of shadow stuff to the surface and when you anchor for the collective (raises hand) it gets amplified. And as you know I have to go INTO what comes up to help it disperse for the larger group. Lucky me eh? *wry smile*

So again my higher self is fully aware of what is going on and as I’m typing I’m aware that the human side of myself is fighting it.

  • It may be others feelings/programming/panic around money coming up through the collective that I’m being flung into.
  • Is it some old outdated beliefs I have around money coming to the surface.
  • Could it even be a light bulb shining on the beast that is FB and asking “is this really the right place for you?”.
  • I have a lot to mull over. And yes I can see a lot more aspects to this than what’s on the surface.

When you work with energy it can be frustrating when things grind to a halt for no seemingly obvious reason.

pic for "fuel to fire" blogBut there’s ALWAYS a reason.

You may not see or sense it straight away ….but it’s there.
Lurking in the background just waiting to jump out yelling “ AH HA!! You’ve found me!!!!!! Now get to work.”

I will continue to post when grumpy as I know showing this very human, flawed side of myself to you is what clicks. The human connection, trials and frustrations. It brings us together.

It also shows that:

hey even she’s going into meltdown. It’s not just me

I will always share that side of myself  grumpy is part of my “charm” after all. I’m not going to hide a side of myself.

So if you feel pissed off or irritated over something that in essence is a bit silly….it’s ok. You are human.

It’s called having an emotional response ….we can give ourselves permission to feel, to express…..and to clean up the carnage afterwards.