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Solstice greetings Dec 2020

Solstice greetings!
We’ve made it to 21st Dec 2020
To those in the Northern Hemisphere – winter solstice greetings that mark the shortest day, and the welcoming back of the light.
To those in the Southern hemisphere – summer solstice greetings marking the longest day and the step into summer.
All is about balance – letting go of what you no longer wish/need to carry and making space for what is to come.
To plant seeds of energy, ideas, inspiration that will bear fruit in times to come.
However you mark the day (if at all) I wish you joy, happiness and abundance in all things.
It is potent, powerful energy which is almost tangible …….added to the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction well, use that energy wisely. Be concise, direct and set those intentions clearly.
Anything that would derail you has failed – keep doing your work, following your path and standing in alignment.
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