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Photo to take about launching dragon energy courses in 2018

Dragon energy courses will be coming 2018

Yes I will have dragon energy courses coming out in 2018. Despite a couple of years of procrastination!

Its a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway even if it scares the crap out of you.

I’m finally FINALLY sitting down and writing the Dragon course(s) I’ve been asked to do for the last year ……..I’ve been running from it but its beyond time now.

The messages and information from this realm are ready to come forwards due so much information and MIS-information out there just now.

I have to walk my talk and WRITE about dragon energy

Typical conversation here the last few months:

“will you just sit down and write it”

“No I don’t feel ready.”

“You’re never going to feel ready, but you are”

“No I don’t think so”

“Stop thinking. Start doing.”


And so it went. Back and forth for many months.

Fear – its all been fear.

Then I got my energy system sorted out – bloody hell it was a mess. Not any more.

All the procrastination fizzled out – it wasn’t mine. It had been placed there to STOP me bringing it forwards.

Be accountable!

I’m changing the game. By putting it here for all to see as I know you will hold me accountable. I’ve had 3 people ask me about in the space of 3 days so that’s my marker.

I had believed I would be bringing another set of courses through first. But since I had my energy cleared out last week and a whole assortment of stuff that shouldn’t be there removed my team have gotten pretty loud and insistent.

I can hear them constantly and I need to write down what I’m hearing as I hear it.

For those who have been asking I don’t, yet, know how this will look. It might be a series of on-line courses, it might be in-person, it might even be both. I’ll know in time.

I will take a bit of time with this.

Please be patient as it evolves, as dragon energy shifts and flows as it comes through. I fully anticipate changes of direction, re-writes and additions as it goes.

It WILL be this year that much I can say

So if dragon energy, dragon energy healing or even a dragon energy session is something you are drawn to – this may be for you in time.

But trust your discernment.

Graphic for radio interview debut blog post

My 2017 radio interview debut

I had a radio interview debut in 2017 last year on Parasearch Radio on The Spirit Dimension show with Kerry Greenaway. However I don’t think I ever shared the link *doh!*

Better fix that!

So here you go – I know a few of you have already heard this as you listened in at the time *thank you*. For those of you who perhaps haven’t seen me live on FaceBook or watched my Wobbles blog post – I figured out how to link a video!! ohh the wonder of technology  – this is a snippet of me and who I am.

We spoke about what I do, my back story and my work with dragon energy and dragon energy healing. And how it all came to be.

Sometimes hearing the spoken word can give you a better energetic feel for the person rather than just the written word and photographs. So this is me raw and unfiltered.

I was a teeny touch nervous at the very start but you can hear I got into my stride pretty quickly and actually enjoyed it!

No Really I enjoyed having a radio interview

I enjoyed speaking the the two lovely hosts who are like minded souls. In fact for more interesting interviews I highly recommend you check out Parasearch Radio either on FaceBook or via their online radio station.

I’ve tuned in to some fascinating interviews and learned a lot just by listening to others speaking about what they do.

I recommend to anyone out there approached to do a radio interview to give it a go. You have no idea the doors you may find it opening.

Take a leap of faith

I’d popped up a post on my main Facebook page about being more out there and spreading my message and I was approached off the back of that. Thank you dinos as it was your message that snagged the attention.

Ok so I did faff for a month or so before finally saying
“sod it – lets give it a go”

I don’t regret it and would do another  radio interview again

I really don’t regret it. And if anything I’d be happy to do it again.

So if you get offered a big leap outside your comfort zone then take it. You have no clue where it may take you. And if it doesn’t work , hey at least you gave it a shot.


My debut radio Interview


graphic of words of wisdom from my team suggesting a jump into the unknown

Jump into the unknown, spread your wings

“Take a leap of faith, go ahead and jump!”

That’s more of less the summary of what my team came through with just this week – jump. As you can see from the particularly blunt message I was given the other morning.

And to those of you now having an 80’s track spinning around your head I am so sorry.


“What leap of faith this time?”

“Spread those wings a bit further and get yourself seen – stop hiding on one social media platform!”

graphic of words of wisdom from my team



Don’t you hate it when they’re right?

And you KNOW they’re right.

So I’ve gone and done it I’ve taken a deep breathe and joined 2 more social media platforms – as I know people are looking for variety and new spaces all the time.

I know I am. The gloss falls off things when they’ve been around for a while and get popular – you see it happening all the time. And what was once popular can fall off the face of the planet very quickly. So I get the message abut having more than one basket.


So where can you find me?


Yes I’ve finally joined the photo revolution – and given how many photos I take I’m stunned I haven’t joined sooner……..procrastination spring to mind…lots and LOTS of procrastination and hiding behind another platform *wry smile*




Loving the energy in this platform right now and the control of privacy – this should hopefully allow things to be shared in one space without the need for multiple groups ….watch this space as so far so good.



Get soaring rather than falling

So there you have it – me spreading my wings just a touch – I have a feeling this won’t be the only update along these lines….as every time I get a seemingly simple message it carries far more layers, depth and work than you might imagine.

Deep joy.

(actually I’m looking forwards to it as 2018 feels an expansive year and this is only the beginning)