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details of some special offers 6th - 9th August

Lions Gate portal/business birthday weekend specials!

It’s my business birthday – 7 years who’d have thunk it

As a one-off I am offering various business birthday/Lions Gate Portal long weekend specials. There will be something for everyone. I’m letting those of you who follow my blog, and those on my email list know BEFORE social media. 
You may have spotted I am running the first every Group distance Dragon Clearing session on the 8th, these will run once every quarter on or near the New Moon for that month.
This one falls slap bang on Lions Gate (click here for what I wrote about this portal last year)  – it may pack a wallop! It’s a distance session it means if you are double booked (as I don’t typically offer anything on portal days) you can tune in later with the findings being emailed out the next day.
You’ll find more details about this one here as it may not be for you. And then again it just might.

For the full weekend itself :

Friday 6th –  Mon 9th and I will extend that to your local time.
If still Monday when you ask to buy I’ll honour that. Hey it’s my business birthday so I make the rules  
Preloved crystals:
Over on the Preloved Crystals Facebook group I will be listing various crystals at discounted prices. Which will be anywhere up to 50% off. If you’re in the group you will be able to search under “discount” and it should pull them all up.
If you aren’t in the group you can find the direct link here to join, 
Dino crystal carves:
The crystal dinos want in on the celebration action as well. For the weekend I will be offering an extra 15% off the 5 inch terrors. Currently they are priced at £135 – £150 so it’s a discount not to be sniffed at!
The link if needed is can be found here 
New Make crystal jewellery:
Last but by no means least over on the new make jewellery group I will be offering a 15% discount for all items currently available 6th – 9th August.
The link for the group can be found here

A big thank you from me to you to celebrate my business birthday!

I’m doing this as a thank you from me to all of you as my business has hit the 7 year mark. 
Going by my business records it was 14th July. On social media it will be 11th August.
This feels the right space between the 2 dates to offer all these goodies for everyone.
I do hope you can join me
Dragon Ascension Therapies

Lions Gate Portal 2020


Welcome to the pinnacle of this years Lions Gate Portal. It’s always a potent energy and this year is no exception.

We don’t have the blazing heat here that the rest of the UK seems to be getting – but I’ll take that. That furnace heat may trigger a few things – which is to be anticipated given todays date. So be watchful around others.

The portal has been open for a while but today the 8th marks the peak – and you can absolutely feel it. How you feel it depends on your energy and where you are choosing to place your focus &/or intentions.

So choose wisely. One thing the year so far has shown is that manifesting is very quick. So be crystal clear on intentions and directions as you’ll get them.

I’m not going to go into what the portal is, what it connects to etc as it’s different for each person. Pay attention to what comes up as all is valid. And for the next few days afterwards as well.You may be wondering why I have chosen a galactic image rather than a lion. That’s an easy one to explain. For me the figure * is a representation of the infinity loop which for me always shows itself as cosmic energy. The colours also felt cooling.

In all things use your discernment rather than following what one person says is right for you – only YOU can know that for certain.

Relax if/when you can today/tomorrow and go with the flow.

If you have a garden in the UK pop some water out for the birds and insects as they are feeling the heat too

Dragon Ascension Therapies