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Mercury retro for 2021

Mercury retrograde 2021

Welcome to the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021. There will be 3 in total.
This current retrograde phase will last till 20th Feb when the planet will move back into shadow before going direct once more.
Now Mercury is not actually moving backwards – it’s simply in relation to the earths orbit of the sun that it looks like it’s “going backwards”.
This is a time for all the re’s :
  • re-assessment
  • re-vist
  • re-do
  • re-new
  • re-lease
  • re-flect
And so much more.
It’s an opportunity to change, shift or integrate what comes us. And when you see it that way rather than “oh my god it’s Mercury retro!!!!” you can get a fair bit done.
Traditionally people have said it’s not a good time to do a whole host of things – and that may be correct for some but not all. I for one will happily be signing contracts, starting projects, using technology ….and all the things you’re “not supposed” to do.


Well firstly I don’t like being told what to do.
Secondly where Mercury is in my natal (birth) chart it makes SENSE that this is a time period that both appeals and works for me.
Thirdly I don’t like the scapegoating of a planet for things not going well. Seems a bit odd when you see it written like that ……
So remember this – we all react to different things differently.
To those like me who find this to be a fast paced, creative , fun time – enjoy it!
To those who find it a slog, challenging and not a fun thing I send you my empathy and the knowledge it’s only for a short time.
For those somewhere in between – well you can read both of the statements above as they both apply to you.
And finally for those who are not resonating with this post in any way – that’s cool too. Simply disregard and carry on
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