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Is blunt ever too blunt?

It’s a valid question. Can you ever be too blunt?

“Why are you asking?”

Because I feel like I’m almost teetering on the edge between blunt and rude these days. Partly to do with my own work and partly as my team are getting blunter.

You may have noticed my readings getting a bit close to the bone recently. This is how my team and I talk pretty much most of the time. Flowery language and sugar coating is not for us – and never will be. Folk would wonder what the hell was wrong with me if I ever started using love and light, calling you angels or anything of that ilk. Pretty sure a few of you spat a mouthful of tea clean across the room even trying to imagine that one.

Not really me is it?

But even I can see there’s a limit. Mainly with my patience as I get shown things in ever increasing clarity. With masks falling and the truth behind being revealed, and in some cases false light coming to the surface. Generally not very nice but needs seen. And with that clarity comes a desire to end all faffing, bullshit, projection and people sticking their head in the sand or up their rear.

See. Blunt.

I’m doing my best to rediscover the balance point between to two.
But I’m struggling in all honesty.

What I’m being shown is me getting even blunter till the message gets across without confusion, without any possible miscommunication. Of being so crystal clear that it doesn’t need repeated as it was heard the first time.

It may just be me – but I doubt it.

With social media being so important and such a huge communication tool we forget how to interact. We find it so easy to be keyboard and armchair warriors. Of being offended and letting everyone know how offended we are.

When did things change? When did it become acceptable to project all your crap out into the world? Have we always been doing it but now it’s more visible?

It’s an odd one and I am working at tracing it back energetically. As it feels like a form of distraction, normalisation and control. And before you start shouting “conspiracy theorist!!!!” feel into the last statement and see what pops up for you.

Own your own crap

This is a biggie and one that gets ignored.
We are so quick to attempt to point a finger and say “my challenges are the fault of X, Y, Z

How many of us can see through our own protestations and see it’s nonsense. Of realising that actually it’s time to look at the things we attempt to bury deep down head on and say “ok I see you“.

We may not like that aspect of ourself but it IS a part of who we are. And by acknowledging it even if it makes us feel uncomfortable we start to see different perspectives to ourselves and our challenges that suddenly start to make sense.

Self work is a messy business and you may wish you had never started. But it gets easier and faster the more you do. And the more you do, the more that comes up to the surface.

Yes it can make us irritable, tired and frustrated but I’ll take that over my procrastination and hiding any day. Pretty sure many of you will too.

Blunt it is then

I’m being shown that the bluntness I’ve adopted is my way of translating the speed of things coming up for me. Of stripping everything back. Of peeling away the story, the drama and the noise. Until the pure core is exposed and makes sense. Which is how self work flows. Of dismantling the story, the fluff, the distraction down to the nitty gritty. Then dealing with it.

So I’ll continue being the channel that I am. Of doing my own work. And passing on the messages that come through no matter how blunt they get. I may attempt to soften the blow slightly, but I’m not making any promises.

Those who find me too blunt I know will find the next person who resonates for them at a comfortable level.

Be you, always.