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11:11 portal grid

Unusually I’ve been given a nudge to share what is a deeply personal grid that was built last night for the 11:11 portal. Candles have intuitively been added this morning and lit to help hold the space and bring forward the work.

This grid will be up between now and winter solstice. It will shift and change as I shift and change, the work shifts and changes, and the energies shift and change in that time.

What you see here today will be very different come the 20th Dec. And part of me sharing is to mark the progress made in that time as I don’t always do that.

“What’s it for?”

This grid represents my own personal intentions and work , the ancestral work I have been presented with. But also the Collective energies and work that I am asked to step into.

To work on/with one works with All.

Release for self will release along family lines and for the Collective at the same time.

Clearing for the Collective, will allow you to clear and to help clear the family lines backwards and forwards in time.

Honouring those who have gone before also honours those here now and those yet to be.

11:11 Grid picture 2




We are all interconnected and at times this is forgotten.

There is no judgement with that purely observation.

There is not harm or fault on working with the Collective if that is how you are so guided – as I am. If you prefer or are guided to detach then trust your guidance and use your discernment.

We all have different roles and paths but they blend together to create the whole.

So much is being shown to me through this work – parts I may share. Others I won’t but know that whatever I share will be for a reason.


Armistice minder for the fallen

White rose that bloomed for Armistice













The poppy at the front of the central sphere is a marker for today (Armistice/Remembrance Sunday) but will stay as part of the spirit of the grid itself.

The candles used are specific as they hold channelled energies. For those interested they are Awaken:


If you’d like to know where to get them and a whole host more get in touch and I’ll give you the Facebook link.

Much love

A filtered picture of the 11:11 Grid