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blog for new 30 minute consultations to sense check before committing

30 minute sense check consultations – new for July

blog for new 30 minute consultations to sense check before committing


As we delve ever deeper into 2020 and the curious energies that are surfacing I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. So to speak. I talk a lot about discernment and using it with facilitators. So I’m stepping up to the plate and letting you use YOURS with me.

“Ohh you’ve piqued my interest now…..”

For those of you who have perhaps not worked with me before, have found me via an search engine, seen one of my articles in More To Life Magazine, or an advert in Kindred Spirit or are intrigued about Dragon Energy but not really sure where to start.

If you feel drawn to knowing more, are surfing through the services available not quite sure where to start, or feel you want to do them all.

How does a (max) 30 min zoom consultation sound? That way you can sense check my energy, I can sense check yours and see if the team and I can help you. As I and my work is a bit like marmite – it’s either for you, or it’s not.

If we aren’t energetically compatible I may be able to suggest some other options for you.

And if we can I can suggest where we start and if need be what service would be the best start point – dependant on what you are looking for. Almost like a try before you commit.

I will be offering these in July and they are free.

The only cost is your time at this stage.

“Where do I sign up?????”

Head over to the booking system and have a scroll through July.

If the dates available don’t suit get in touch and we can find one that does.


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