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photo of sunset at Prestwick

Don’t panic!

I know a bit flippant and a bit of an odd thing to day but seriously don’t panic.
This is what I’ve been reminding myself for the past two months or so.


Well in all honesty I’ve been coasting a bit this year work wise – my team have been a bit quiet and I’m sitting watching loads of folk I know on social media suddenly exploding onto the scene.
Now I’ve admitted to myself I’ve been a bit stuck and it will sort itself out……..
Others have managed to get themselves unstuck which is brilliant.

A year or so ago this would have spun me into a complete panic and possible melt down.
I’d be panicking thinking

  • “Should I be doing this as well?”
  • “If I do does it look like I’m copying????”
  • “Oh god I was thinking about that but I can’t now”
  • “Why can I not be creative!?”

etc, etc, etc

“Why is it different this time round?”

Well I’m in observation and very happy for everyone and how well they are doing.

I am truly delighted for them all and wish everyone well – and supporting as many as I can where I can.

I’m sitting biding my time as I know I have things coming in and they will arrive when they arrive. If I try and force them they just won’t work – but if I wait and get things down on paper – yes ACTUAL paper not on a computer file – they will start to flow.

I’ve already started and I’m a bit taken aback by some of things coming into my awareness.

2018 promises so far to be an interesting year!

Comparisons with others

Now this is a bit of a sticky topic and in some cases its good practice to compare yourself to others as it shows you where you are and can give you a benchmark of sorts.


It can also screw with your head a bit if you let it.

You find yourself lacking, or your confidence goes – all sorts of lovely things.

Instead take the opportunity that if a shadow aspect pops up you track it back in YOUR energy to where its stemming from and do the work to let it move on. It may cast up a lot of things to deal with but that’s maybe not a bad thing……

We all have negative programming that can be sparked off in fear – fear of missing out, fear of not feeling good enough, fear about not feeling we deserve rewards or recognition……

All sorts of head f**kery

Tackle it head on and get rid.

Easy to say, slightly more complicated to do….but so , so , so, worth the hard graft

Then when things go a bit quiet or others start speeding ahead you can be happy for them and not feel or give in to panic.

There’s more than enough for everyone and even if you end up doing something similar it’s from YOUR viewpoint.

That’s what makes it different.

See, no need to panic 
photo of sunset at Prestwick