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Photo of Stonehenge taken Solstice 2014. Blog speaking about solstice and shadow working in balance

Solstice and Shadow working in balance

Photo of Stonehenge taken Solstice 2014
Stonehenge at Solstice 2014


Solstice greeting and blessings to those who celebrate them. Here in the Northern Hemisphere its Summer solstice, for those in the southern hemisphere it’s Winter.

Marker point

Regardless of where you are solstice and equinox cycles are marker points. Giving you the opportunity to look back and look forwards at the same time. To let go of what’s not working and welcome in what’s new.

To take a short pause and simply be for a while.

And for others like yours truly it’s a time to face head on what’s been niggling at you for a full week. To realise it’s not just the challenging energies, not just the collective. No you’re being triggered by a shadow aspect that NEEDS to come up and be seen.

Shadow work + Solstice energies

The beauty of the summer solstice is it brings light. So much light. And for me this time round it’s shedding illumination on something that’s been “off” the past full week.

I haven’t quite been myself, my energy hasn’t been balanced and I’ve been very quite. Introspection isn’t a new thing for me but being silent is.

I had a crystal clear moment of realisation last night that what I was actually palming off as energies etc was my own crap lifting to the surface.

Moment of clarity

My “ah ha!” moment hit me like a proverbial tonne of bricks late yesterday evening and I’m going to share it with you to show we are all still human. Energy workers have their own crap to deal with and how quickly it can be dealt with when you face up to it.

Bit of background for you. For the past week I have been feeling quite on edge when seeing good friends of mine starting to forge ahead. Of getting themselves out there , doing their work and being seen. Now I am very very happy for all of them and I’m supporting them all the way. But with this has been a small niggle of myself going backwards or being left behind.

I know this is nonsense that it is an irrational fear. Hence my confusion at what was coming up. “Must be the collective”

Well no. It must be within me somewhere for it to trigger or activate a response. That was last nights light bulb moment.

Looking the shadow in the face

Once I realised I had been making excuses for myself I took a deep breath and decided to look deep into this one. What the heck was actually going on?

Deep in my higher heart I could feel this resistance, this fear bubbling away. It’s almost like an inferiority complex – which trust me is NOT me.

So what to do? First off to accept this was mine, I wouldn’t be having an emotional response if it wasn’t. Of deciding to be responsible and take action. Whether it is something I have placed in my own energy at some stage/life or if it has been placed there by something other is a little less clear.

Actually as I’m writing this I’m being shown it is a control programme that was placed there by something other to activate to keep me off my path.

Sorry guys , not working.
I see it, I see you and I say no I’m not stopping.

And breathe

With this acceptance, illumination and awareness the ability to breathe came back. I felt MYSELF come back.

The sense of relief was huge – and it all happened just before solstice so my higher self could let it transmute and dissolve away. I may have a few more layers to let go of but the core has been resolved.

Thats the beauty of doing your own work – hard and thoroughly uncomfortable as it can be at times – the more you do the faster it resolves.

Don’t be afraid of the shadow self, it’s still an aspect of you at some level.

Be brave and deal with it head on.

Looking back to look forwards

As I look back to when the photo I have used for this blog was taken I see how much has changed in my life. Five and a half years ago I took a huge leap of faith into the unknown and I’m still here. It was the best decision i could have made for myself.

Now I am doing my work, being offered incredible opportunities and more.
And I will not beat myself up for having a momentary wobble. A wobble that had to happen for this to be flushed up to the surface.

I have big things waiting to come in and I’m aware this morning if I hadn’t dealt with this it would have impacted what’s to come.

So it’s all good.


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