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when social media fails

When social media fails

It’s been quite a week so far as social media, well the Facebook stable, failed. It went dark and disappeared for 6 hours.

Typically unheard of but a swift reminder that not everything is permanent. Change is a constant and it’s how you adapt to it that’s key.

Did you miss Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp?

Or did you embrace the freedom and get on with your life?

I was very much the latter. Which is ironic as Facebook is very much where you find me. It’s the platform I understand, that has worked for me, and still works for me even now. But this week has been an eye opener.

I always asked myself what would I do if it wasn’t there. That’s where this website sprang up from. To ensure people could always find me.

But what I was shown very clearly was how much time I spend there, or more accurately waste there.


Where next

Where do I go from here. It’s a curious one as I stopped myself from jumping on the band wagon and scattering to other spaces the last few times there were issues. But, given I didn’t miss things and enjoyed the quiet, it’s time for me to re-asses.

Currently I am looking at Telegram to create a channel so that you can find me if needed, and once it’s up and running I will share the link. I have a page now on the Awakened Pages website, that has a drive and message I am 100% behind.  I may look again at MeWe, who knows it may have changed since the last time.

While having other avenues is good I have no desire to be everywhere – that would be exhausting and not very authentic. Why be on platforms I can’t stand? That’s why you will not find me on Twitter or Instagram or Tik Tok – they simply aren’t for me.

So if you have been having a few knee jerk reactions to things give yourself some time. Consider the options. And ask is it important or it is just a flash in the pan or even a fear of missing out.

Lets not forget old fashioned text messages, emails and Skype/Zoom calls. They never went away….they simply got overlooked. Many businesses reached out through their email list, which we forget is such a valuable tool.


Stay in touch outside social media platforms.

The best way to stay in contact is to sign up for the newsletter. I don’t use it very often but it’s there when needed and I will begin to use it more often to stay in touch.

If you’re interested scroll to the bottom of any page on the site and you’ll find the sign up form. You can unsubscribe at any time as you are very much in the drivers seat for this one.

My email details can always be found on the contact me form – it may take me 24 hours to get back to you. But hey that’s a lesson in patience.

As long as Facebook is alive and kicking you will find me there and once I have other channels up and running I’ll let you know.


The main thing is don’t panic. It’s simply evolution in motion



Dragon Ascension Therapies



Social media – stormy weather

Social media. It’s an odd animal isn’t it.

On one hand it’s a phenomenal tool for connecting with like minded people, seeking out new pathways and expanding your life. On others it’s a pain in the backside with people using it to spout from their own little soap box.

It all depends on your perception of what it is.

For me I view it as a tool. And a highly useful one at that.
With that mindset and intent I have a pretty upbeat social media newsfeed and only see what is relevant for me.
It can be done.

Masks slipping here there and everywhere

However what I’ve observed for quite some time now, and in particular the past 24 hours or so is rather startling.

People standing in what they believe/feel to be their own power and using social media as a way of using their voice. All power to you. I do it myself so cannot possibly say anything else.

But they are missing or are oblivious to the language and tone they are using that’s showing the mask they’ve been wearing.
And it’s slipping.
And slipping FAST.

Now I’m coming only from a standpoint of observation right now as I’m too damn tired to be doing anything else. Until my own energy stabilises from all the shifts I’ve had since 31st October all I CAN do is observe.

But I’m seeing things very clearly.
And I’m paying attention as to where they are coming from.

“So what exactly are you seeing?”

To put into context I have had, so far today, three “seriously? Judgemental much? Wow, just wow.” moments.

What’s come across loud and clear is views/opinions being expressed but coming across as judgement.
From people who claim to be “better” than that. Their words, not mine.

It’s very firmly in the language used. And the message has a hint of a slap about it. It may be there to deliberately incite a reaction. I may be completely off- base , as I often am. As hey, I’ll admit I’m human and make mistakes.

I make no claims to be free of ego, to be completely non-judgemental. I do my best.
But I will admit when I’m wrong.

For the people who say they are free of ego and judgement. They may well be and if they are I salute them. But when faced with something written or said which flies in the face of that I have to question the energy underneath.

Because I can feel AND see it, clear as day.

Live your life your way

You are under NO obligation to justify any of the following to others:

  • Your feelings.
  • What you do.
  • The systems you use to process shifts and transitions.
  • Your way of giving back – as we ALL do it in some way.
  • What you charge for the work you do.
  • Falling into your shadow and doing your shadow work.

It’s no-one else’s business but yours.
As in turn it’s none of your business how someone else feels, works, copes etc.

See what’s underneath

So when someone who is a way-shower, guide, teacher – whatever word resonates for you. Starts to make you feel as if you are being judged in some way just by what is being written or shared. Question it. Look at the language being used , look beneath the surface and see what pops up.

Sometimes its insecurity, sometimes it can be a sense of self importance, or possibly its a fear of losing people or control. They may be processing and not realise it, or they have shadow work coming up that requires some work.

Whatever it is IT’S NOT YOURS TO TAKE ON.
It’s simply their perception.

If you have asked for insight that’s different.
But unsolicited advice or unsolicited opinion? Let it wash over you or send it right back.

Time to take stock.

If you are seeing patterns or a trend on social media it’s time to pay attention.

For me today it’s a confirmation of perhaps it being time to part ways with specific pages/energies/people. As we seem to be out of alignment with each other, or we’re an octave off each others frequency. Something doesn’t quite “fit” anymore.

And that’s ok.
People change, energies shift, directions change path.
It’s all part of what we are here to do.

Sense check yourself.

If you look at the language you are using on social media and think “uh oh, Ive read that from a different view point and its sounds a bit judgemental” don’t panic. You are still human. Judgement is so deeply ingrained from a very young age it’s hard to break away from. Being aware of when you are falling into it isn’t a bad thing. It’s a just a thing.

If it feels uncomfortable do what you need to take it away. To resolve what has come up.
Learn and move on.

But own your own crap.

Better yet if it pops up , scroll past and live your own life. Observe it absolutely but try not to take it personally. As trust me , it’s not about you.


Musings from a tired energy worker

When you see a storm brewing in social media
graphic of words of wisdom from my team suggesting a jump into the unknown

Jump into the unknown, spread your wings

“Take a leap of faith, go ahead and jump!”

That’s more of less the summary of what my team came through with just this week – jump. As you can see from the particularly blunt message I was given the other morning.

And to those of you now having an 80’s track spinning around your head I am so sorry.


“What leap of faith this time?”

“Spread those wings a bit further and get yourself seen – stop hiding on one social media platform!”

graphic of words of wisdom from my team



Don’t you hate it when they’re right?

And you KNOW they’re right.

So I’ve gone and done it I’ve taken a deep breathe and joined 2 more social media platforms – as I know people are looking for variety and new spaces all the time.

I know I am. The gloss falls off things when they’ve been around for a while and get popular – you see it happening all the time. And what was once popular can fall off the face of the planet very quickly. So I get the message abut having more than one basket.


So where can you find me?


Yes I’ve finally joined the photo revolution – and given how many photos I take I’m stunned I haven’t joined sooner……..procrastination spring to mind…lots and LOTS of procrastination and hiding behind another platform *wry smile*




Loving the energy in this platform right now and the control of privacy – this should hopefully allow things to be shared in one space without the need for multiple groups ….watch this space as so far so good.



Get soaring rather than falling

So there you have it – me spreading my wings just a touch – I have a feeling this won’t be the only update along these lines….as every time I get a seemingly simple message it carries far more layers, depth and work than you might imagine.

Deep joy.

(actually I’m looking forwards to it as 2018 feels an expansive year and this is only the beginning)

pic for running a crystal group blog

Wanting to start a crystal group?

Are you sure? Really, really, really sure you want to start a crystal group on social media? Have you though it through or does it just seem like a nice idea?

Would you like some pointers from someone deep in the thick of it all?

“Yes please!”

Ok then.

First things first – you might think , somewhat naively like I once did, that a crystal group or crystal selling group on Facebook will be a nice little side venture that will be fun and uplifting with lovely people who just want to share information.

“Well yes – it’s full of like minded people who just want to help everyone”

That’s what I used to think.

Crystal groups on FB can be some of the most cut-throat, argumentative, draining spaces to be on social media.


And no I’m NOT making that up.
Or being dramatic.

It feels like a great idea – oh it does – but very quickly you can start to wonder what the hell you were thinking……….

“You jest! I’m in some crystal group spaces and they are lovely.”

Yes they are but you haven’t seen behinds the scenes of said groups have you?

Now I know a few folk are laughing as I type this – hell if anyone had said to me 3 years ago I’d be selling crystals I would have laughed in their face. Really I would. I NEVER had any intentions of ever selling crystals as too many folk I knew online did it already. I didn’t want to be in competition with anyone thanks very much.

Fast forward to now – I run a very successful, fast growing , specialist group for preloved/second hand crystals on FB. It’s approaching 2k members, is international and has a decent sized admin team who I trust implicitly and it operates 24/7.

Sounds great doesn’t it? 95% of the time it is.

It’s exactly what you expect it to be. A fun, upbeat space where people are able to find new caretakers for their special crystals that now need to move on to work with someone new. Finding new friends and interests. Seeing crystals and metaphysical items you’ve never seen or hear of before. Learning and having a laugh at the same time.

It’s that 5% thats kicks you in the crotch every single time.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

I shall list some the ways you may end up tearing your hair out:

  1. Becoming a UN peacekeeper – mediating is an art form.
    There are always 3 sides to every story – what one person said, what the other person said and the truth. Your job is to dig out what ACTUALLY happened between two people/a sale and how it all went horribly wrong. And then propose solutions for both sides while remains polite and professional at all times….even if you want to bang both heads together and yell at them to grow up.
  2. Having to be so very very very strict in the space – more so than you have every been in “real-life” because if you don’t the group gets spammed , folk take the absolute piss and frankly you want to close the whole damn thing and ban the word crystal for life.
  3. Having to repeat things again, and again, and again as some folk just don’t get it…..
  4. Constantly being asked “whats that in *insert other currency of choice*” my personal bug-bear that one.
    How many times can I politely say – please see the pinned post for online currency conversions – it seems to be some sort of competition.
    Trust me I have an indrawn breathe each time this pops up…..and getting very close to being exceptionally rude to folk who probably don’t deserve it.
  5. Folk expecting you to be on-call 24/7 – sorry guys I have to sleep sometimes!
  6. Folks not reading the rules of the group – this happens EVERYWHERE and will frustrate the living crap out of you.
  7. Folks arguing with other people on THEIR posts saying “I think it’s A, B or C not what you’ve said it is” ….and breathe……..
    This is a toughie as I know it stems from a drive to be helpful.
    But sometimes trying to ID and item from a photo without seeing it in front of you is nigh on impossible. And social media being what it is without seeing facial expressions comments get taken out of context ….hence why you will find so much of your time spent on managing your group


The list can and does go on – but the good news is it IS possible to run a good positive group with only that 5% where you want to scream.

“Okay you haven’t quite scared the bejesus out of me so what do you suggest?”

  • Make sure from the very beginning you have very clear and defined boundaries. If you only want specific types of discussion make it very clear on the group description.
  • If its a selling space or crystal group be very clear in what is and is not acceptable in the space and stick to it.
  • Use your discernment when adding people who have asked to join – FB has rolled out a clever little tool where you can ask up to 3 questions of folk looking to join. So use it – its a great way of streamlining out what you don’t wish in the group.
  • Consider an admin or moderator or 3 to help you manage the space – if it’s going to be international do you have anyone you trust in other timezones who would be happy to help?
  • If its a selling group learn about international shipping, customs forms (you get the from the post office) , customs charges etc – I was lucky my previous job involved shipping containers of Whisky round the world and working with the Duty Free Market so I have background info that’s come in VERY handy over the years.
  • Be strong and if anyone oversteps or shows unacceptable behaviour throw them out and ban if need be. Be strong!
  • If something feels off it usually is – when in doubt smite with the delete function.

pic for running a crystal group blog



And above all remember one thing:


Repeat that as your new mantra when/if things get a bit sticky


So if you think you can cope with all that and more – both good and bad – I say have at it.

And if you need a virtual brandy give me a shout ….I’ve been there………