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Blog on energy purges and what they are

Energy purge

Energy purge. Energy purge. Energy purge……

I have had the phrase on constant loop in my awareness for the last several days. Given the energies that is going hand in hand with it it’s time for me to delve into this one.

“Surely an energy purge is just an energy clearing?”

You’d think so wouldn’t you.
But no this is far, far more intense.

An energy purge is messier, its more complex, it’s bloody sore going and to throws so much into disarray.

But, it’s needed.

“Oh hell……”

Just a bit. But before you spin off let me share what this term has meant to me this week.

This is a deep clearing of assorted crap in our energetic systems all at once. Those bits we’d thought we’d released but in truth had gotten stuck in our system. Spring cleaning that goes that extra mile more than you were expecting or anticipating.

It’s the long hidden, long ignored or silenced stuff that’s ready to go. Whether you are ready or not.
On some level you have been asking for this and boy is it all coming at once – that’s what purge means after all.

Some of you may have been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks (raises hand) and it may be a manifestation of this purge. Indeed you may be purging physically as well as energetically.

You may have notice space weather reports showing the Schumann resonance at a very high level and other assorted bits and pieces way, way off the scale of where they would “typically” be. These are not solar storms these are something a bit different.

With these waves of energy comes change, shift in vibration and the opportunity to go deeper into your own energy systems. To shed old out dated beliefs yours or others, stagnant energies, connections that have fizzled out, layer upon layer of our own crap that can be removed, dissolve and returned to Source.

It’s not just you.

My own team threw me in the deep end last night with a live guided meditation on social media I was to facilitate. That was all about letting go of what we’ve been holding onto that’s getting in the way of our progress.

Of clearing out the crappola. Of SEEING the crappola even if we’ve been deliberately avoiding looking at it.
And of finally being comfortable with and standing in our own personal power and voice.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Hell no.

That can be some of the most uncomfortable moments going.
But they have to happen.

Growth does not come without change, without challenge, without perspective.

Instead of running face yourself head on – especially your own beliefs, self limiting and otherwise and put them under the microscope.

Do they still ring true or do they seem a bit off. Have you changed your thinking and feeling and something new now feels right?
Great – but have you let go of the old stuff first ?
Slapping a new belief over an old one doesn’t fix the problem it only masks it.
Do the prep work first and acknowledge then release what was there.

A purge ensures you let go of more than you thought you would or could, to clear space for what’s coming in.

Clean house

A clean space is a better fit for new ideas, feelings, pathways even if in time they change too. Allow yourself this space for growth, for moving forwards, for saying “you know what this isn’t right for me anymore” and letting it go.

Work with this elevated space weather right now and utilise the increased energy to help with this work.
Shed what needs to be shed even if you can’t fully see or name it – trust that what is leaving is meant to.

It won’t make the process any quicker but it makes it a bit smoother if you get out of your own way.

A purge is never pleasant but in retrospect you can see the reason and the need for it.



Picture to go with blog post on Space Weather and why we pay attention

Space weather – full moon to solar storms

Space weather be it full moon, shifting/retrograde planets or solar storms ….why pay attention? Why care?

Why do you share space weather updates?

Because for me space weather updates are markers and minders. I take note of the big ones that are significant to myself such as eclipses, equinox, new moon and larger solar flares.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it so many times. I’m a bit different from most and my reactions to these are not the “norm”.

Many people follow the lunar cycle and find they can’t sleep at full moon, have small rituals, charge their crystals etc. Which is absolutely perfect for them. Not so much for me.

I sleep through full moon. In truth I get knocked out.

I don’t resonate with lunar energy – at least not currently . So I’m taken out of my own way at full moon. I actually get really deep sleep the night before, the night of and the night after full moon.

Like clockwork.

Full moon knocks you out? Why?

As far as I’m aware that’s because I work with solar energy not lunar energy.  I can and do however work with new moon.

Yes I get to work with the ball of fire at the centre of our little universe and what he/she dictates at any given time. Be it solar flares, solar winds or voids of solar weather that lets everything else through. These are what I work with. Some people find it a bit odd that I work with so much fire given I’m a fixed earth sign. I say this is a lesson in expectations and not having them.

I don’t conform 

For me the solar flare and solar wind “warnings” are actually a minder that the energies are about to be supercharged for a bit. And that’s just fine by me. I may get a headache or two but I’m ok with that. Truly I am. I don’t get upset that communications may go awry or internet may be patchy . It’s fully out of my control anyway.

I’m a bit too busy with whatever’s coming through at that time.

Like I said I’m a bit different.

And that’s never more apparent when it comes to certain retrograde planets.

Now I’m aware a lot of said of this across social media.

But why?

Because many people (including myself) believe the alignment of the planets and how they shift can have an effect on individual energies. This has been the case for centuries.

A retrograde planet is where a planet in relation to earth looks as if it’s moving backwards. It isn’t in actual fact going backwards. It’s simply our view from this planet as she moves through her own rotational cycle round the sun. If you were standing on Saturn you’d see the earth go retrograde at times. It’s all relative.

Right now we have Jupiter going retrograde and there is a flurry of information out there. Some is great and leads you to seek other information , and others, well, maybe not so much.

You use your discernment for which is right for you, if at all.

The Mercury Retrograde grand debate

There will be another flurry this month as around the 22nd Mercury goes retrograde.

Now this one can be a bit contentious because it’s seen as a less than desirable retrograde. We get all sorts of suggestions not to sign contracts, not to start any negotiations, to do nothing important etc etc. Mercury the planet of communication when in retrograde is believed to cause communications problems.

Not for me. Like I said, I’m different.

I am never more productive or on the ball than during a mercury retrograde. I do all the things people suggest you don’t do……and it’s not steered me wrong so far. And this is in part to do with where mercury is on my natal chart (my birth chart) .

I get a little bit frustrated/irritated/lets face it triggered when I see all the “warnings” popping up.

For some it is a challenging energy, and for some others like myself it’s a fantastic positive energy to really get your teeth into. To launch those projects, sign those contracts and get motoring while some others go quiet.

What I don’t like, and I’ve said this before, is the spiritual scapegoating that goes on.

“Aaaargh! Somethings fallen through!”
“It’s Mercury retrograde”

“Aargh my car won’t start!”
“It’s mercury retrograde”

And so on…….


Challenging, annoying and bad things happen when it’s NOT mercury retrograde ….. Please stop passing the buck and projecting the blame onto a planet. Deal with what comes up instead.

There are people out there who I follow that are on the ball. Well, for me they are, they won’t be for everyone.

And that’s the point of this whole rambling.
You have to tune in via a discernment filter – a big one.

Discernment time!

What resonates for one person is complete nonsense to the next.
And that’s fine.
I go against the tide for a lot of this – but that’s me.
I have a different view and perspective of things due to my team and what works through me.

Yes I will post things that people raise eyebrows at or say is nonsense and my response is this :


“You are trusting your own discernment.
I applaud that.
I am trusting mine and posting what I’m nudged to post.
If you don’t agree go within and find what’s right for you.
You will find it very quickly. “


Non-judgement is key

But be kind and try not falling into judgement.
We all have different views, different aspects of the same thing that we tune into. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But try not to force your view down someone’s throat.
It’s not nice and you might do it to the wrong person and really regret it later.

So when it comes to space weather I’m still going to share it. But only when it’s something that resonates direct.

Not because everyone is sharing it.


Some sources that I use and trust:

  • The Pele Report via Paradigm Shift – broadcast via YouTube weekly click here for the link. Kaypacha translates things in a way that makes sense to me.
  • Spaceweather.com which you can find here or via FaceBook
  • Aurorawatch uk which you can find on their website here or again via FaceBook
  • Solar Ham which you can find via their website here or via FaceBook

For more on discernment feel free to see some older blogs here , here and for what I’ve written about mercury retrograde before.


Picture to go with blog post on Space Weather and why we pay attention
Space weather – from full moon to retrograde planets and why we care.