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A heart felt thank you.

Thank you.

Two small words that mean a hell of a lot. We don’t often say it and mean it from the depths of our hearts. But you can feel it when it is.

So here’s my heart felt thank you to a group of people who have made it possible for my business to grow and expand.

Just over 4 years ago I took a big brave step and registered myself as self employed. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I didn’t have any real expectations of it growing and changing the way it has in that space of time. Of not being scared of being who I am, speaking about the energies I work with and that work through me, bringing them forwards and not caring what others think or say (that bit took a while I will confess). To stopping comparing myself to my peers and finding myself “lacking” in some way.

Of speaking my truth even when I know others will balk at it or resent the challenge and mirror being held up to them.

To embracing change in all its forms. Being a scared wee rabbit who would post something once in a blue moon and running away. To being someone who does regular live feeds and could do a hell of a lot more if the truth be told…,and secretly enjoys them.

Being given space to be who I am now and will be in the future.

This is where my thanks comes in.

To all those who have supported me along the way, in various forms, Some from the very beginning when I tentatively launched my business to those who have joined me as recently as this week. To those who have given me a go and have kept with me.

Those who started out with me and had trusted their gut when they realised we were on different paths or vibrations and decided to part ways. I salute you for listening to yourself.

Even those who have and still challenge the hell out of me as they bring up shadow aspects in myself I need to deal with. Even if you have annoyed/harassed/stalked the absolute crap out of me and we’ve had to forcibly part ways…they all have meaning.

Thank you.

A heart felt thank you from me to you.

And an extra special thank to to a smaller set of people who gave me the tools to keep my business going while I change and shift and my role changes and shifts


I’m speaking directly to the people that I sell on behalf of. Those lovely souls who have shown huge HUGE trust in me to move on their treasured preloved crystal pieces. Some a few pieces here and there and others who have sent me their entire collections.

An extra special thank you to those who have recommend me to others for no other reason than they believe I am the best fit.

The trust you have shown in me is staggering and humbling.
This truly has kept me going over the last 3 years while I sort all my other “stuff” out.

It has and is my complete honour to find new caretakers for your treasured and much loved crystals. It’s not a task I take lightly in any way. And I’ll confess I am only now finally FINALLY believing in myself that I can do this and do it well. Only taken 3 years *wry smile*

Some pieces I only see in this way and it has opened my eyes to minerals and crystals I would never have met otherwise.

I have grown and developed as this side of my work has grow. And it IS part of my work.
Only very recently have I been made aware of what this role is and where it sits with the energies I call my team.

“Ah Ha!” moments don’t come much clearer or with as much face palming as the obvious BECOMES obvious.

To the one person who kick started the whole preloved side that I never, ever saw coming I send my biggest thank you.
And to the person who nudged me to take things further.
Look where we’ve ended up .
17 people and counting.

It not all been roses and rainbow kittens however.

Oh no.

I’ve had to toughen up in ways people will not realise.
I don’t tolerate others bullshit and it’s through these interactions I’ve really had to step up to the plate.
You learn how to spot BS going on before it its. You develop a sixth sense that something isn’t quite right.
Even to the point of stopping arguments before they happen. It takes time and practice and lots of work.

I can and have done it. To the point a lot of nonsense behind the scenes is just that – nonsense. Someone else story and perceptions. Don’t like it feel free to move on and start your own group. It’s bloody hard work and can take years to build up a solid reputation.

So be honest about what you’re doing. I am .
Even to those who to this day don’t believe me, including other well known sellers, who say I sell new etc I really don’t.
I do what I say and say what I do. Life is too short for masks, fakery and deception.

I digress

I have taken all that has been dealt out these last 4 years and rolled with it, changed, shifted and grown as a person and business.

But without the support of my friends. clients and customers I couldn’t have done it.

So thank you. From me to you.

I aim to keep growing and developing and hope some of you will join me – those who fall away for various reasons I thank you too.

Life is to precious to not give thanks when you mean it.