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an online chat space 9th October at 6pm UK time

The Dragons Share 9th Oct

an online chat space 9th October at 6pm UK time


I’ve decided to have another Dragons Share online chat space on 9th October at 6pm local UK time. .

This was a space I set up in April at the very start of UK lockdown and it ran for 10 weeks. As things are shifting it feels right to open this space up again on an ad hoc basis.

Now there will be a difference.

It won’t be a general chat space to catch up. Rather it’s for energy work questions/queries/sound boarding. Mainly for things you’d like to ask just not on Facebook.

This will be via the Zoom platform as it’s private and a far cleaner energy. The session will not be recorded.

I can have up to 100 people on the call so if you’d like to take part you can book a space here.

This is a free event as it’s my way of giving back.

You will have to register for the call so please make sure and save the confirmation email as it will have your direct link.


iPhone and iPad

Now for some reason known only to Apple mobile users won’t be able to access the call from the direct link.

You need to go via the Zoom app (which is free) and click the join meeting function.

Then using the meeting room ID and the password you can get into the call.

I’ve used this myself so I know it works.


I have no idea if my team will be discussing anything specific until the session starts.

Hope to see you there!


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