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Blog Post - Energy workers - do you value yourself?

Energy workers – do you value yourselves?

Yes you, I’m speaking direct to the energy workers reading this – do you truly value yourself and your gifts?

I’ve been aware of a slight disconnect in my own life and it’s time to bring it forwards as I know I’m not alone in this. A few people I know in the last 24-48 hours have been talking around this and before you say I’m jumping on a band wagon I’m not – I’ve had this very same message hammered down by my team for months if not the last year or so – but again I’ve been running from it.

As I’ve mentioned before I have a healthy relationship with money and have done for the last 20 years – it’s simply energy. It flows in, it flows out, I don’t let it stagnant and it’s there when needed.

So this disconnect I speak of?

Money in relation to:

Charging for my services.
Valuing my energy and my gifts.
Me as a person, as a business.

It can be a sore subject in the energy worker world as many of us were taught to give so much back, to stay within reach of the many, in some cases to not charge for what we do. But by doing this we create massive energy imbalances, it can lead to resentment of what we do and even in some extreme cases can lead to us simply shutting down and walking away.

I will only talk of personal experience here and say I am very much aware I have been seriously undercharging for my services for a long time now – I’m not talking about the actual work as that is what I’m here to do regardless.
I’m talking about establishing a proper balanced exchange for the time and energy and resources and after-care that get used to work with other people. If I constantly give, give, and give of myself I will have nothing left and can help no-one which isn’t why I’m here.
I’m here to help myself, help others and help Gaia – not to drain myself dry.

When I look back I’ve almost broken out in a cold sweat putting a single price up that had remained the same for 10 years. Now how many things can we say stay at the same level after 10 years? I’m pretty sure a loaf of bread in 2017 costs far more than it did in 2007, so why my resistance to this.

What my team have shown me is that its a lack of self-worth, something that we ALL have in us. And yes there is programming in there too but it’s being flagged up which is the important part.

I am in fact not valuing myself, my time or my energy. And by doing this or continuing to do this I will attract more of that energy towards me. I haven’t as yet but the POSSIBILITY of it taking hold is there. But luckily the message has gotten through and I’ve heard and acknowledged it.

That’s the first step as it changes the energy flow completely as I’m taking on the shadow aspects around this and doing the work to move it on. And we’re not talking baby steps here – this is me getting down to the real nitty gritty stuff , the make or break pieces that if I don’t resolve them will continue to keep coming back till something drastic happens. I’m not giving it permission to do that – I’m taking control back and saying actually I DO value myself, I DO understand there has to be a healthy balance energy exchange. I will give back – when it’s right and I am able to do so – indeed I already do on the 1st of each month but on my terms.

The way forward.

Step 1 has been to acknowledge the disconnect and to stop running from it as I have been the past 12 months.

Step 2 has been to observe several people saying similar things in the last 48 hours – this was full confirmation there’s something bigger going through the collective about worth, which is excellent.

Step 3 is working through it and breaking through the fear barrier by bringing my prices into alignment.

Actually writing this and letting people see it is a huge thing for me but it makes sure I’ve absolutely 100% gotten the message so my team can move on to other things that are coming forwards.

I’m not going to apologise for it or ask permission from you to do it – as that allows that vibration to remain.

I can’t help everyone, and I’m not here TO help everyone. But I can help the folk I’m meant to and by concentrating on this PROPERLY it can free up the time and energy to do more.

There will always be folk who expect things for nothing – that’s a human thing and I do accept that. Or folks who say they can’t afford my services and that’s ok too as I’m likely not the right person for them – the right person will always come along, or be guided to them.

So there we go – others will have written this far more eloquently than myself but I’m more of a blunt instrument so this is as eloquent as it’s possible for me to be right now, and that’s ok. That’s who I am.

Change is coming and ultimately its for the best for everyone.

Blog Post - Energy workers - do you value yourself?