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Vibrational sprays and why I use them

If like me the smell of burning sage makes you feel physically sick for hours after its long gone out have you ever considered a vibrational spray instead?

“I noticed you sell them – what are they?”

Good question.

A vibrational spray is a blend of essential oils, a setting agent (typically alcohol) and lots of energetic intention by the person crafting it.

“I beg your pardon?”

Yes you read that right. Energetic intention.

If someone creates a mix of oils with alcohol without intent it’ll smell nice but not really do anything.

BUT if the mix is created by someone who knows and works with energy the INTENT used to create them will be transferred to that spray/mix/essence.

I’ve always said intent is 99% of the work that we do.

Vibrational sprays are no different.

“ooooookay…….so how do they work exactly?”

Unlike essences which you ingest these sprays are not to be taken internally. The way I use them is simply to spray 1-2 shots into the room I’m working in and allow it to settle. Setting the intent myself that it be used for the highest and best for all concerned. Either for myself or for whoever I’m working with.

With the good ones (and you may have to try few till you find the brand/set thats right for you) you can feel a change in the room and energy immediately. You may even feel an immediate change in your own energy.

For example one set with the intent to connect with the angelic realms will do just that in whatever way is right for the best and highest good for the person using it.

If you are working with the violet flame you can find sprays that work specifically with that energy.

These sprays allow the intended vibration into the space you are in or attract it in like a doorway. That’s why its important to try a few different ranges to find which one you are comfortable with.

I tried a few ranges several years ago and noticed they didn’t really do anything for me. They smelled great but faded quickly.

Like I said at the start I can’t abide the smell of sage for clearing spaces as honestly I want to be sick very quickly. I also find it clings to my hair and clothes and i have the overwhelming urge to wash everything I’m wearing to escape it. So I was desperate to find an alternative.

“A tad drastic?!”

For me no it wasn’t. I have a very sensitive nose to certain scents and am what is known as a super-taster (go look it up). So sage and Palo Santo are not things I can work with.

It’s the same with certain incense as well.

“You’ve veered off topic again.”

Sorry yes I have indeed.

So for example there are many ways to clear a space energetically.
You can smudge with the aforementioned sage, incense, use sounds, clap your hands.
Whatever works for you.
For me it’s a combination of sound, intent and vibrational sprays.

Now you may have spotted in my shop I do sell a range called Essence of Pure Light. And no this is not a sales pitch. That’s not what I do.

A good friend of mine had recommended I give them a go as they had a dragon range. That sounded ideal!

I managed to get some samples sent across for the company based in the Netherlands. I was completely blown away by them.


I sat in meditation with each of the 7 dragon sprays in turn and was staggered by what came through. These are all documented and all VERY different from each other.

I knew this was something very special so quickly wheels were set in motion and I’m one of 5 UK stockists. You can get them direct from the company that makes them. But I would recommend them if you are looking to trail a range or two.

The one I use most frequently is their Clean Energy spray. Which I used before and after treatments , to clear the house, the car, after self work etc etc etc

There is no end to the list. Its only limited by your imagination. It does exactly what it says on the label. Clears the energy in the space. And it works instantly.

I love them to bits and have quite a number of bottles that are mine which I use in different combinations depending on how I’m guided to combine them. You don’t have to work with just one.

“This feels like a sale pitch”

I swear to you it isn’t.

If you are curious about vibrational sprays go do some research, speak to others who use or have used them before for their recommendations, trial them if you can and see how it goes. Seriously play with them , use them in combination and find what’s just right for you.

I have sprays that a friend of mine crafts and they are spectacular! One I got last year for a particular portal date knocked me on my backside the first time I used it. Light and fluffy it was not. But it was EXACTLY what was needed.

Don’t forget as our personal energy shifts and changes what once worked us before may not always work. So keep experimenting.

If you want to look at the range I have please do. They are all listed in the webshop section.

If you don’t fancy committing to a full sized bottle I was given permission to create small 10ml mini-spray’s. They are all listed as well.

I don’t have the full range but what I have were the right ones to bring across at the time.

Give it a go.

So if sage makes you queasy, you have pets or others in the house that can’t stand incense or you just want to try something a bit different give vibrational sprays a go.

You never know they may open doors you had never anticipated, or they may just make your room smell nice.


photo of aura spray various