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photo of cards drawn for 15th to 21st February 2021

Oracle card reading 15th – 21st Feb 2021

I’ve gone back to an extra card for the week as it felt the right thing to do. Those of you who work with colour will see a similar tone running through each – gold and yellow. This is very much an inward looking reading for all – concentrating on the solar plexus and sacral.

Mon 15th – Tue 16th – Peace

Oddly this is perhaps the gentlest card of this entire deck. So it’s important to mark when it pops up.
You will see in the very centre the yin yang symbol – and this is all about balance.
Where the last year has been a lot about friction, fighting, pushing through, division and being heard at all costs – it can be utterly exhausting to be in warrior mode 24/7. For many it’s time to stop for a bit – let those who have rested do the heavy lifting for a while.
Remember how to be peaceful – that does not mean being a doormat. That is what defined and strong boundaries are about. But you can find peace – even now. You can still stand for your decisions, beliefs etc but in a calm reasoned manner. Even if it pisses off those around you. Ultimately it’s no-ones business but yours.

The question is are you prepared to do it?

If you are in fight mode can you find the off switch?
Those of you who are in flight mode can you see there is no real need to run right now?
This is a card of compassion over war. Of understanding over being blinkered.
Be a being of peace – I will write more on this soon but BE the change you want to see in the world. Wishing for it doesn’t make it happen. You have to show willing……. and do it. Be the lighthouse or way-shower for those who may be teetering on the brink.
For some of you it may be a time to take a breath, step back and step instead into intensive self care for a while. Allow yourself space and time to boost you energy levels, eat, rest and switch off.
You. Do. Not. Need. To. Justify. Your. Actions. To. Anyone.
Concentrate on the solar plexus and do the needful to boost it back up.

Wed 17th – Thur 18th – Happiness

Now I’m aware a few will scoff at this card but this is the challenge for the week. To make your own happiness wherever you happen to find yourself.
Who told you that you couldn’t be happy? That you can’t feel joy right now? Have you taken on their projections/programming ? Time to dig a bit deeper.
As we get bombarded by doom and gloom it’s easy to give in, give up and absorb it all.
But it’s not YOUR truth.
Instead turn off the external diverting chatter and listen to your body. Listen to your soul and the guidance it gives you direct.

You CAN be happy – it is your choice.

Being in that vibration ripples out further than you can even imagine. And gratitude follows on its heels.
What do you have right now to feel happy about?
If you truly concentrate on it things will pop up – even if they are tiny.
Honour them and your feelings.
If you truly can’t find joy right now ask are you blocking yourself from allowing it in? Is someone else preventing you from your own self awareness? Are you self sabotaging as you THINK you should feel a certain way right now? This is all part of self care.
Ultimately a lot of what is going on right now is just noise – when you filter it out you being to remember who you are.
You can see the things that make you happy and you CAN smile about it again.
All you need is held within , be open to accepting it.

Fri 19th – Sun 21st – Be present

I’m aware this card was drawn not that long ago. But a reminder, it seems, is needed. I have been speaking to people this week about this very thing.
We can waste a lot of time, energy and effort thinking/over analysing things that are in the past. And while day dreaming and intention is 100% a fantastic exercise it can be tempting to live in the future.
We are needed in the here and now.
Pay attention to what you feel and sense right now.
You are not who you were, or who you will become. You are YOU right now. Be that person instead.
The griffin will help you to see a broader birds eye view if needed. You can ask for their help in this – phoenix, bird or dragon instead if they resonate more.
Essentially – get your arse back on planet. Anchor, ground and reconnect. A lot of what you have been avoiding may come to your attention but it’s time to deal with it now rather than later.
By being present right now we help anchor the Collective as well.

Extra card for the week – Knowledge

photo of the extra card for the week

This is a bit of hum-dinger as I’m being shown a few sides.
The first is about knowledge/understanding of self. Of seeing snippets of who you are and integrating them in fully. Of knowing what is the right thing for you – and trusting your own discernment.
You can see in the image a stream of light coming in from above. This is your OWN connection to Source. A reminder you don’t have to go through another person or modality – you can do it direct.

If you need guidance/assistance you will be shown who to ask for that help.

For some others this is a nudge to allow your gifts to come forwards and if time to be shared in some way. Scary or otherwise – my words may simply be a confirmation of what you have already been shown.
The other big aspect of this I’m being shown is that knowledge can come at a cost. And this type of knowledge is the breaking down of illusion and narrative. It can cost energy, family, friends, and even trust. It may shatter a few things along the way, but when the truth is seen it cannot be unseen.
Know that if you are being shown some huge truths it’s simply as it is time for you TO see them. Allow it to integrate first before you act. You may have some shifting or integration of energy first – even the dissolving of that which has been shaken loose that no longer serves you.
But again DISCERNMENT is key this week.


Start of the week – remember you are at heart a peaceful being. While we have been pushed to odd limits in the last 12 months you can return to that calm, peace filled space. Trust in your boundaries. Step back and concentrate on self work/care if you feel that is how you are being guided. The microcosm mirroring the macrocosm
Mid week – find your own happiness wherever you happen to be. It can be the smallest of things. If you feel you can’t be happy – ask yourself why and work from that point. If you are blocking access of that vibration go deep and find where it sits and work from there.
End of the week – be present. Get reconnected with the here and now. If you keep getting called back to the past ask why, and by whom. What do you need to do to resolve and move on. By being present and working on what comes up you help the Collective do the same thing.
Extra guidance for the week – knowledge and discernment are key this week. Be it knowledge of yourself and what makes you tick, or a broader truth that is possible hidden in plain sight or being hidden full stop. Allow this information to filter through and be understood before taking any action – as you may end up with egg on your face if you jump too soon.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of 3 cards pulled for 28th December to 3rd January

Oracle card reading 28th Dec 2020 – 3rd Jan 2021

photo of 3 cards pulled for 28th December to 3rd January

Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Attunement

Now for me this is not about going to someone to be attuned to a modality/energy this is about what comes to you direct.
To trust your intuition/discernment/gut instinct. And to see beyond what is presented to the truth within. If it feels right, and upon deeper digging continues to feel right, then carry on.
If at any point you get a niggle that something isn’t quite what it seems then step back. Ask for more clarification – it won’t hurt.
You don’t NEED to get others to attune you to specific energies – you can do it yourself. And I get the irony given what I can and do teach. But that’s the whole point – as we evolve, remember what we can do , these things happen organically.
Some may find during specific lunar stages, eclipse, alignments or even solar storms that the information streams in. Again if this is right for you – you will know.
So if you are at a stage right now where your connection to things are changing, or you are picking up more than you have before. Then sense check it. You may have been getting direct downloads, upgrades, shifts and only now seeing them bear fruit – so to speak.
For some others you may be feeling a bit out of place or out of step with others. Thats ok. This is a vibrational shift. It will settle and when it does you will see who/what no longer fits and when you let them go to create space the new will come in.
This is a period of listening to your inner voice and giving it space to be heard.

Wed 30th – Thur 31st : Shifting

Flows rather nicely this one doesn’t it? And falls on the preparation of the the Gregorian calendar shift from one year to the next. Rather fitting don’t you feel?
For some you have already been through a rather large shift and are on your way out the other side. As it settles, the dust falls and you can start to see the new features/horizon. Things around you may feel shiny and new. Enjoy that transition! See where your new energy and perspective can take you. Set intentions of what you wish to bring in and forwards.
For some others you are now in a period of shift. And it can be smooth sailing OR choppy waters. Just be aware that it’s not a set destination and you can change course f it feels the right thing to do – or it stops you smashing on hidden rocks.
Give yourself a break as you navigate through – and if possible cut off sources of overstimulation or distraction while you do this work. As for some these may be HUGE life changes, and for some others smaller but no less complicated.
For some others this is a heads-up that a shift or change is coming in for you very very shortly. So be aware, pay attention to what comes up and use the opportunity to move through and forwards.
Help will be there of needed – possibly in an unexpected form.
The card itself is full of colour and movement – work with it. Rather than against it if you can.
And be ready for the step fully into the new energies of 2021.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Orca Magic

And breathe deep. Feel into the energies, the potential and the excitement (yes really) that are at your finger tips. Some have already stepped into this and are holding the vibration for those coming in now.
And the orca energy of the card is for me all about intelligence, knowing and ancient wisdom. Learning to see and appreciate those you think a bit differently from you, or see things from another perspective.
Embracing the differences to create a bigger picture than you can see just by yourself.
With this nudge you may have parts of yourself revealed that had been hidden. This may be the ability to access your own Akashic records – if again this is in line with your path.
You may have wisdom imparted again from unexpected sources, or direct from your higher self. Listen. Use your discernment. Absorb that which resonates and question/discard the rest.
In a literal translation some may find listening to whale song, or watching footage helps to connect back into self and back to Gaia and all her creatures. Remembering we are all connected.
Embrace time in nature – even if only for a minute or two. Feel that connection and allow it to flow through you.


Start of the week – for some this may be the precursor to vibration/energetic shifts. These will come to you direct rather than through another person. Engage your discernment and if it feels right it will be. If it doesn’t then just step back for a bit and do some more digging before committing time or energy to anything. Clear out space of things/people/energies that no longer fit.
Mid week – the precipice of moving from 2020 to 2021 energies for those who follow the Gregorian calendar. Those who celebrated Solstice as their new year will already be in this space. Be aware of your emotion. feelings, energies being in flux/flow. Many are coming out of a shift, many are IN a shift, and others will soon be experiencing a shift. It is as it should be for each person. This is a final opportunity to shed what you do not wish to carry into 2021.
End of the week – work with the energies of potential and sow the seeds for the coming year(s). Reconnect with nature and yourself and listen to the inner wisdom. Appreciate the wisdom and voice of others – and as you do this you may be gifted with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies