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Solstice greetings Dec 2020

Solstice greetings!
We’ve made it to 21st Dec 2020
To those in the Northern Hemisphere – winter solstice greetings that mark the shortest day, and the welcoming back of the light.
To those in the Southern hemisphere – summer solstice greetings marking the longest day and the step into summer.
All is about balance – letting go of what you no longer wish/need to carry and making space for what is to come.
To plant seeds of energy, ideas, inspiration that will bear fruit in times to come.
However you mark the day (if at all) I wish you joy, happiness and abundance in all things.
It is potent, powerful energy which is almost tangible …….added to the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction well, use that energy wisely. Be concise, direct and set those intentions clearly.
Anything that would derail you has failed – keep doing your work, following your path and standing in alignment.
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Winter/Summer Solstice 2019

Greetings for Winter/Summer Solstice 2019

Winter/Summer Solstice 2019


Morning all and welcome to solstice season.

It’s funny as I’ve woken up to a lot of winter solstice messages on Facebook this morning but for me it’s not solstice till tomorrow 🙂 . I’m still a bit precise and solstice in the uk, where I am, is exact at 4.19am on the 22nd. I’m like that with the moon phases too – just my little quirk. And to be honest it probably only means something to me ….and that’s perfect.

The date shifts about depending where you are in the world hence me showing it as 21st – 23rd.

For those in the Northern hemisphere it’s Winter Solstice , the shortest day, a time to welcome back the light.

For those in the Southern hemisphere it’s Summer, the longest day, a time to mark the coming of abundance from the harvest.

For all it’s the last one of this decade – it has a bit of extra power.

For me it’s a mark of all the work that’s happened since Winter Solstice last year – my annual reset and will be marking it accordingly. To have the final pieces of my complete energetic restructure click into place. To acknowledge what I have done, let go of, welcomed in …..and looking to where headed in the next decade.

However you celebrate it, if indeed you do, enjoy it – whatever date you use is perfect for YOU.

Welcome in the new energies for 2020.

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