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2020 Retreat now moved to 2021

A few of the eagle eyed amongst you may have already spotted this. I have taken the decision to move the 2020 retreat into 2021.

This is based on many things but it feels better to move to the 2021 energies for a gathering. Rather than 2020 as global trends and situations remain challenging.

The venue will be the exact same and it’s almost a year to the date of when this was originally planned to take place

You can take a look on the specific website page here or you can get in touch if you’d like to chat in more detail. Or if you’ve never gone on retreat I have written a little something a while ago click here to read.



The new revised dates are 17th – 22nd April 2021.


If 2020 has proven anything it’s about going with the flow and being adaptable to change.

I haven’t decided if I will run an online mini- retreat on the October dates so watch this space.


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