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Oracle card reading 27th July – 2nd August 2020

Photo of three cards pulled for my oracle reading 27th July to 2nd August 2020

Mon 27th – Tue 28th : Dragonling Garden – a new world is born

Ok this one may push a few of you slightly and thats ok. This is a card of rebirth and newness. And you are being asked to step aside and LOOK at what you see in front of you versus the start of the year.

To step away from the fear mongering, distortion, diversion and division – and to see clearly what now lies in front of you. To step away from your own and others narratives and be present instead.

You have changed, we have changed, the earth has changed – but have you acknowledged this? Have you taken the time to appreciate even the small changes you have made in the last 4 months? Can you SEE that changes you’ve made?

Remember we are all shifting to new frequencies and vibration and energies. Without this we become stuck and stagnant and change becomes impossible.

Open your eyes, ears and heart up to what is standing right in front of you. Be it a deeper appreciation for nature, a deeper connection with those you choose to have in your life, a deeper respect for your body and supporting it.

Whatever shifts large or small acknowledge them. See them and understand them.

And then apply that to those around you – how have they changed?

Apply this to the earth – how has she changed?

While we all unique individuals with our own perspectives, views and work – we are all still connected. So understand also the changes you have made for yourself, family, community extends far far far beyond them.


Wed 29th – Thur 30th : Aura – Observation

Another fab card which is repeating a message we have been getting for a considerable time – and will continue for a significant time to come.

To go beyond the surface and start to see and understand what lies beneath. To see the truth of what is being presented to you – by yourself and others. And to begin to pick through and determine with your own powers of discernment was is true for you.

This is really important – especially now.

Many people are dealing with things the best way they can – but it may be to the detriment of others. If this is happening around you, or perhaps IS you it’s time for some damage control.

Take a step back, allow others to process as and how is best for them, and make space for our OWN processing.

If you need time, space, or distance then take it. These are your own boundaries so respect them. This signals to other – be it people, energies etc – to do the same. Do your best not to project your feelings etc onto others as it’s really not playing fair.

Do what you need to do to find your balance and your self – then you can begin to step forwards once more.

And a reminder/caution the truth that you find can be painful, challenging or very hard to swallow. Be brave and still look at it head on – that’s the first step to your autonomy.


Fri 31st – Sun 2nd : You are unlike anyone else

This card is a reminder to something I said in the very first card. Each person is a unique perfect package. But how often do we realise it?

Do you/we instead ignore the compliments, decry our gifts, do what we can to fit in with the crowd and begin to lose our identity? Can I remind you how exhausting that is?

Instead lets try something else. Lets celebrate the differences, honour who we happen to be and let our true self step up.

Beige while soothing and comforting can be – dare I say it – a tad dull. A rainbow on the other hand has far more vibrancy.

Be the rainbow that you are rather than a cover-all of beige. If you happen to be a bit different than your family or friends – go with it. Would you tell anyone else to change who they are to fit in?? Or would you tell them to be themselves and support them along the way?

Be that support for yourself.
And trust me when you can get to a point when you colour your hair a neon pick and truly don’t care what anyone but yourself thinks you’ll get what I’m talking about …….




Start of the week – time to look around and acknowledge the changes and shifts you’ve taken this year. To appreciate we have all done this. To understand a new way of being, thinking, sensing IS coming forwards.

Mid week – again a caution to really look at what is being presented to you and sense checking the hell out of it. It is TRULY what it appears to be or is something else running the show. Discernment is critical right now.

End of the week – remember who you are and whats makes you, well you. Embrace who you are and rather than hiding or conforming which is energy zapping – allow yourself to simple be you. It can take a lot of guts to do it – but you reach a stage when honestly it’s no longer a “thing” and you do it automatically x


Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free


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