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2020 Retreat booking now live


Photo banner for the April 2020 retreat
April retreat 2020 in Morayshire


Well it’s finally time to mention it – the 2020 Retreat is now live.

As you know I’ve been starting to run retreats since 2018 and love the work. Of holding scared space and assisting people coming back to the centre of who they are. And giving people time and space to simple be. To retreat from day to day life for a while.

I was given conflicting information from my team for over 2 months about where it would be and when. Flitting from an island on the west coast of Scotland, the North of Scotland and North Wales. I was taken all over the place and in the end I had to get massively triggered to release something from my own energy before this started to settle.

As soon as that happened everything started to flow once more.

The timing of bringing this forwards isn’t lost on me as today in New Moon Eclipse and it’s potent stuff.

So where and when is this retreat?

The retreat will be up in Morayshire, Northern Scotland on Thursday 23rd – Tue 28th April. So well past Easter and before any May bank holidays. But also has the option to stay up to a further 2 nights to enjoy the area. As trust me it’s very pretty surroundings.

The actual venue is being kept private to all but those attending as I like to maintain energetic boundaries around the space.

As to what we will be doing it depends on the energy, the weather and what guidance I’m given closer to the time. My team go very quiet as soon as I book the venue *wry smile*. The last one facilitated some very deep shifts for all concerned so I would anticipate similar this time round.

You can find more details here.
Or feel free to get in touch and I can send you a PDF file with a touch more information including prices, spaces, travel considerations etc

I hope to see some of you there.

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