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Alignment to self – here we go…launch time!

It can be a scary thing launching something before you think it’s ready.
But that’s exactly what I’ve been nudged into doing this week. No more waiting, no more sense checking “just launch it already!”

“Alignment to Self”

This is a phrase I was given way back in Nov 2018 and I’ve been sitting on it since then. I’ve had to really understand what I;d been given and what it meant to me. And then what it meant to others.

Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been shown how to change how I work. Which new paths we were going down and watching my team shift , change and go even deeper than before.

Yes my current team are very much involved but they’ve dare I say it matured a tad to do this. Or at least gotten slightly more serious with this one. It’s important. And it’s ever evolving.

My journey to launch day

It’s been a very eventful path that’s for sure. And each time you feel you’ve gotten somewhere they pull the rug out from under you.

I have some things that I may not be continuing any further , some that are shifting a a fair bit and some “new ” stuff coming in.

This is one of the newbies. Well, I say new , it is to me it possibly isn’t to many others. Sometimes many of us get the same message at the same time. And thats great. I’ve had to go with this right now as if I wait any longer they’ll hand it to someone else . Fair enough.

I got to try this out in March at the retreat I ran. We pretty much had 4 days of this all by itself. And I know the people who were there felt the shift in my and my team to do this. I’ve just been procrastinating. Or to be fair I had something that needed to shift so I’m ready to hold this space.

It’s an honour to do but is a big responsibility. So some people may be gently turned away from this if they aren’t used to doing their own work or dealing with their shadow aspects as they come up.

I’m still learning

Truly I am and it’s amazing what comes up. I can see all sorts of pathways leading from this point. Some I may follow , some I may not. It all depends where I am asked to place my focus.

For better or worse today is launch day. It’s out there to be seen and heard. Essentially putting my name on the line and that can be scary stuff. Right now it’s more a case of “sod it” than anything else. If you thought I was blunt before – well – brace yourselves!

This is just the start and I have more to share that I’ve been given but I’m taking my time (not too long) and making sure it’s right.

The wording is so simple it IS right – but one launch at a time!


For more info on this please check out the new page here.