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Bridgit speaks : channelled 23rd May 2015

You may see me speaking a bit about automatic or channelled writing that I do with some of my dragon skulls and skulls from time to time – this is an example from Bridgit that I go back to every now and again as it still holds true to this day.

Automatic writing feels very odd when you first try it out but trust me it gets easier and quicker over time 😀

Bridgit speaks 23/5/15

Blog Post - Channeling Bridgit
“Hello Sweet Child – I’m glad you’re taking the time to chat today now the headache has gone – it would have been too much for you yesterday and you would have unintentionally rushed to the end.

Much has changed since we first met and all for the better. Much is coming towards you now but it is nothing you can’t handle – you have downtime now to prepare and we know it is much needed – in fact sorely needed. Your legs are feeling less sore are they not but your energy levels are still a tad depleted – we are working with you to recharge your system.

The physical clearing of your space is set to continue with stagnant or old energy being removed from around you and yes, more of your crystal family will be on the move – some of these will shock you but you already understand the need for them to move on and work with others – other beings will take their place very quickly and will perform different roles as you take on more of your own work.

Your clan is building nicely and though you have not met them in “person” you have in energy and other dimensions – soul family – you know of who we speak. More are coming in now and again it will make sense when they do. All is well with this.

Keep shining your light my dear as its getting brighter and guiding others in . Don’t shy away from this – you are heard by more than you realise right now and that’s OK. You no longer are so hard on yourself for which we are delighted to view and be part of.

We also commend you on the trust you are starting to show in yourself and your abilities, yes a few stumbles but this is how you as a being learn, and have always learned – which is perfect. You make no claims to be an expert, teacher or guide when you are all three – but this too is fine as we know this can make you uncomfortable and that is not what we wish to facilitate. Being humble serves you well – well done for being true to this knowledge.

Continue to grow and learn – new knowledge – or what appears to be new to you but is in fact a remembering – is coming and when you look back you will remember the moment you become conscious of this.

Cast aside attachments and material possessions – this migration of crystals is part of this lesson – it may feel hard but its simply a flow of energy….treat this like you do currency, which is simply energy which flows in and flows out – nothing you are overly concerned with, continue to trust in the process as you are always supported when required. You know this, you always have.

Your heart is much more open than when first we met and we rejoice to see this. The transition from hurt and constant energetic attack to the confident open being you now are ha been a joy to witness – yes there is much more to go but your trust in your gut and the use of discernment has gotten you to this point and further beyond. Keep using your discernment and questioning things – you know what to do and the small occasions where you slip the learning oh so far reaching for you and those around you. For as you already know the work you do for others has an effect on the collective consciousness – keep going my dear it is important work you do and not many are chosen to pick up the reins. It is not always the most pleasant of tasks but it is very important – keep going you are learning much and will pass it on.

I’m giving you more healing and energy direct into your higher heart as we speak to help you through this energy upgrade you are currently in – a lot of flux recently and this will continue for a few more weeks – again its not anything you can’t handle and the help is there – please just ask.
I leave you now as there are others amongst us who wish to communicate direct – but you and I will speak direct again soon.

Blessings child”

I was then knocked out for half an hour while Bridgit sat on my heart chakra – as she can be a tad direct bless her.