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Discernment is key right now

I just wanted to touch again on engaging your powers of discernment, your gut instinct.

There’s a lot going on right now in terms of energy, in terms of global events and in terms of misdirection. I’ve aware of quite a few ripples playing about just now but it’s not always easy to navigate. I put my hand up to that myself. And today I’m really feeling it.

When something feels to good to be true, or feels slightly off , or rubs you the wrong way take a moment and feel into it. Ask your gut for a response. Is it something you should do or not? What is your instant response to that question?

This is your discernment speaking. And it’s the most powerful tool any of us possess.

Trust what you get coming in direct – from yourself, your team/guides, you’re Higher Self even. Rather from external sources.

Manipulation is everywhere

When you feel you are being influenced or even manipulated in one direction over an other by someone else take a moment to question why that would be. Go with what YOU get right now not what someone else tells you.

These energies are potent and it’s easy to get distracted – I say this without judgement as I had a moment myself this last week that I had to question and dissolve. I had been manipulated via my empathy. And thats ok – it was spotted and removed. Lesson noted.

In all things right now do what is right for you – and go as you are guided.

On a personal note

I have had quite a few things rumbling up to the surface over the past few weeks. And plenty has been unpleasant at best . But I’m working through it.

I know something working on me even as I type this so my apologies if that is felt – it’s not meant to be.

But just proves I’m human too


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