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Doing your own work – it’s important

So here we go with the blunt messages – this time it’s the importance of doing your OWN work.

I see this time and time again and I’ll be honest I’ve been there myself so zero judgement from this end  – that desire to seek out knowledge, to find people who know more than you, for them to tell you what to do, for them to fix you…… WHOAH right there. Seriously stop.

“Why did I just pull the handbrake?”

Can I let you into a pretty big secret – you ready to hear it?

No-one has the magic answer to what’s going on with you energetically. Anyone who says they have is kidding themselves, and again this includes me if I EVER say anything like that. No matter how well known, how many courses they’ve done, what they teach, how impressive their energetic resume… there’s only ONE person who knows whats going on with your energy. And that person is YOU.

“aww man that’s a cop out.”

Really – and why do you say that?
Is it because it suddenly shifts the focus back to yourself and it makes you uncomfortable?
Were you looking for an easy quick solution to things and thought you’d hand the reins over to someone more “advanced “ who could give you all the answers?
Were you looking for a short cut or fast track?

I’m sorry but theres no magic wand to wave over you to say “that’s you all sparkly and new” it doesn’t work like that.

No – it can be a hard slow slog, that can be frustrating as all hell, disturbing, wonderful, uplifting, utterly depressing, makes you want to learn everything, makes you want to learn nothing……….but it’s YOUR work.

By all means learn from others, seek out mentors or way-showers but please don’t simply hand over your energy to anyone else – that way trouble leads, believe me I know, I’ve been there. Take back your energy. Instead learn to work with it, learn what it feels like, learn to understand what you are telling yourself on different levels.

Self -work is the most important lesson I’ve learnt on my journey – and it goes hand in hand with discernment which I talk about over and over. It truly is that important. Learn to listen to and trust your gut instincts. You know what can happen when you overule them. If something doesn’t feel right then step back, postpone. The reason generally comes forward quickly when you pay attention.

Be present , be aware or learn to be. It takes practise and there will be times when it goes wrong or blows up – and you know what. It’s ok if that happens – see it as a way to learn. God knows I’ve learnt a lot of hard lessons over time and I’ve made peace with it. Without these challenges I wouldn’t be where I am now energetically – and honestly I have had to go through things to understand them and have empathy for others in similar situations.

I know this sounds pretty much like a telling off, it isn’t my team are simply repeating this over and over and over so I have to put it in black and white. So many people look for a quick fix and there really isn’t one.

Put the work in and it will get easier and quicker with time.

Be your own lightIt’s like peeling an onion.

At the very start the hard outer layers can be fiddly to remove they can keep splitting so you have to go back and do it again, or flake so you have to pick the tiny shards off one by one and it can take forever but the further in you get the quicker it becomes and the faster you get at doing the work.

Don’t hand it over to someone else who works differently from you, or to someone standing over your shoulder saying “no do it this way” how frustrated does it make you feel when that happens? ….yes you are the onion in this.

By all means ask for someone else’s view point but don’t give them your knife. In all honesty if you find the right way shower they will hand the knife back to you and say you know how to do this have some faith in yourself, I’m here if you get stuck, but I have my own onion to peel.


So yes messy and hard and frustrating as it may be do your own work – you’ll thank yourself for it. Trust me on that