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Dragon Energy Q&A 11th Oct

Link to a dragon energy Q&A session on Facebook Friday 11th October 2019
Dragon Energy Q&A session on Facebook live Fri 11th Oct 6pm GMT

Dragon Energy time again

I’m been given a kick up the rear end by my team to go to basics. And while working with Dragon Energy is a daily occurrence for me it isn’t for everyone.

It’s easy to forget this and I was given a sharp reminder a few days ago that it might be time for a refresher chat. To see if anything has changed, updated itself or needs to be brought up.

These group chats and interaction very beneficial to this type of work.

Where and when it is?

I’ll be giving a Q&A session on the Facebook group (click here) o Friday 11th Oct at 6pm GMT. If you have any burning questions or have any topics you’d like to raise you are welcome to contact me ahead of time.

It’s likely to run to 60min +

It will be recorded so this unable to attend at the time will be able to catch up later. I may even be able to download and add here if it feels right.

What to expect?

In all honesty come with zero expectations.

It will start with me discussing what Dragon energy is and what it isn’t and then who knows which direction they’ll spin me into.

See you there!


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