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*Deep Breath*

Cheryl from Dragon Ascension Therapies Profile ImageWell I’ve finally gone and done it and gotten the website up and running after a few years of procrastination ….no more hiding!
So hello and welcome to me and my “stuff”.

I’m keeping this first blog a bit brief as I get into the swing of things, you’ll be delighted to hear as I have been known to ramble a tad…….well, a lot.

I’ve no idea what will be coming forwards but I do know this blog space is important for me (they haven’t quite said how or why so going on trust) so we’ll roll with it and see what transpires.

For now I’ll be blogging a few things that I’ve written on my Facebook Page that feel right to share here as well – it’ll give you a feel for me and my energy and the work that I do.
So enjoy the space, feel free to ask questions and lets see what develops.

<3 Cheryl