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Incredible Client Feedback

Something a little different to share as a blog post. This was some pretty incredible client feedback I was sent about a Personal Clearing I did a while back when they first started out. Have a read as this part of my work is evolving at quite a pace. This is completely unedited.

I am deeply humbled by this <3 as I simply do as guided


Client feedback for personal clearing energy work by Dragon Ascension Therapies


I am writing to give you an idea of “Dragon Ascension Therapies” by Cheryl McGregor and her service of Personal Clearings and what they can do for you. Even though I am considered gifted and a fair healer myself, what she does is, to put it simply, amazing. I always have a hefty dose of skepticism (born and raised in the western traditions) being one of those Show Me types. Of course I cannot show everything that has happened to me to change that stony opinion, but I can say I am and was pleasantly surprised.

Cheryl is a kindred spirit, our paths similar and yet quite separate (especially if you consider there is an ocean between us). I have enjoyed our chats and getting to know one another immensely. So, when she offered to refine her new service of personal clearing within me I was honored and gladly accepted. What with one thing or another, her clearing began on the eve of me finally breaking my smoking habit.

I was not aware she had started the process that evening. That said, I had made the conscious decision to let her in and went about my evening. I was a little spacey, dreamy, and snuggled into my couch with a good book and some tea. The energy came gently, unobtrusively (else she would have been thrown quite out and away from me) as I drifted, my gaze, lingering through the windows out onto the bay. I think, because I wasn’t aware, a couple of hours passed. I was sleepy but not ready for bed. I was dreamy but focused. I was reading but took nothing in. I felt warmth and coolness. I suffered a few moments of intense discomfort (I thought it was something I had eaten, ha-ha), and please note I said discomfort not pain. These feelings came in waves, similar to the incoming tide, and gradually they faded and I prepared to go to my bed.

As usual I got onto the computer to run through my various pages, when I saw her message to me. Everything clicked in my mind and I started reading. What she had to say was surprising and not. Was so obvious that I knew I had been willfully blind to a few things. Some of it was as if she had been me for a few minutes and knew me more intimately than I knew myself. Since I tend to be very hard on myself, my self-examinations for motive and means tend be harsh and brutal. Not so with the Beautiful Spirit that is Cheryl.

The messages she sent me were gentle but on point. And the Things she saw?! I know, intrinsically, that very few see that clearly. An even smaller few have ever seen that deeply into me. What she had removed from my energetic bodies is the stuff of nightmares. I won’t go into details as its very personal but suffice to say that what she uncovered and removed was not just from this lifetime (though reinforced by certain individuals whose only desire was to control and destroy the essence that is me), but many, many incarnations within the earth plane. I can see it like a photograph now. But, at last, it is gone from me. Her and my guides and guardians took it and returned it to their points of origin with all love.
With the trials of breaking a bad habit, American Holidays, and the sudden changes in my energy bodies it has taken me a few weeks to come back into myself enough to speak coherently without a herd of raging elephants stampeding over me. For me it was rougher than most will ever experience. That was never her intent, and her gentleness and concern deeply touching. The magnitude of “change” I was experiencing are strictly my own, and facilitated with love and care, abiding.

This has been difficult for me. But, Dragon Ascension Therapies, Cheryl McGregor, has been the anchor I needed during a rough transition. She knew this would be hard. She saw exactly what I was up against and checked in with me regularly. She was able to calm this fire breathing Dragon back into her human form. Clearer, unweighted, and smoke free. I cannot wait to see what else she offers. As a Seer in my own right, she has only my highest recommendation, two thumbs up for everything she has brought to the Sphere of Humanity.

My gratitude is profound. Yours will be as well… Brightest of Blessings, and thank you.”