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Why is everyone blaming Mercury Retrograde for things going wrong?

Here’s a little something I shared on my FB page and it feels right to share it here. I’m really challenging some of old personal held beliefs AND long standing beliefs in the energy worker field. And one that’s sticking a bit in my throat today is Mercury Retrograde.

So many posts popping up on my news feed this week about “watch yourself” ” don’t do…….or …….” “can’t wait for the 3rd May” all unintentionally fear mongering and using a form of programming (that’s just my awareness, if you have a differing take that’s perfect)

“Things going wrong? Blame Mercury Retro…….” No. Just no.

So why is this the trend at the moment? Mercury was seen as winged messenger, all about communication and communication pathways. In this day and age communication has bigger connotations as so so so many more ways in which we do this since phones, tv and the internet.

Many people do seem to have had communication challenges during these retro periods and I’m not discounting them I’m simply asking have we attached too much negative energy to this? Is there negative programming going on in the energy worker field?

A retrograde in itself , no matter what the planet, is simply a chance to revisit something, to remember, to review, to release, to go back and have another look.

It’s not a bad thing now is it? It may be uncomfortable and you would rather stick your head in the sand than challenge things but how will you grow if you stay stuck?

We get told a Mercury retro , more so than any others, is bad – communication will go awry, don’t sign contracts, don’t do anything with money , yadda yadda yadda…….I don’t subscribe to this.

So what do you subscribe to then?

Now I USED to forward the memes etc and fall into the programming of all this. Not any more. I see Retrogrades as an opportunity for change, to move forwards , to see things differently and to do massive self work.
From the perspective of the planet a lot of people are using as a scapegoat for their own crap they aren’t really going backwards – perhaps the earth is, what effect does that have on Mercury I wonder?

Again this is simply through my own experiences and observations as on a personal level I get a lot done in a Mercury retro and go against current “thinking” and do all the things it’s believed you shouldn’t. And if anything does get thrown up I’ll work through it as I do whenever ANY shadow work pops up.

So shift your perspective , break out of the negative programming we seem to have attached to this natural part of another planets cycle and WORK with what it can thrown up and out . Stop running from the uncomfortable truths as they will only come back up again next time in greater numbers.

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Remember as our vibration shifts our understanding and views of common held beliefs shift too ….you don’t have to agree or disagree with me as I know many will be shaking their heads as they read this, and that’s fine. We are all different, we all see different parts of the bigger picture and when all connected creates a thing of beauty.