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Energetic kicks up the backside – and why I need them!

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Amazing what simply reading someones blog will do for you – I read one this morning that REALLY resonated and allowed my team to step in and hammer a message, technically a boot in the rear, across that’s been on the edge of my awareness for years but I’d never truly looked into.

So what was the article about?

It was a two step blog the first being the reluctance that a lot of energy workers have who then fall into thinking or believing they can’t do what they are here to do and be financially comfortable or well off. That somehow being able to make money is a bad thing ….I don’t fall into this and never have as about 20 years ago – yes in my early 20’s I realised that money is only energy. Nothing more and I don’t give it any more power than that.


It’s like the tide, there are times when its flowing in and other times its flowing out. If you give it more power than that it has the ability to take over and rule your life.

I USED to be that person and then had a realisation that by holding all my money in and essentially hoarding it was actually stagnating the energy ….not so pleasant when you see that side of things now is it? So I let money go in the form of spending and learning to keep the flow moving and attracting more in and then back out. By recognising that flow it’s kept me stable and able to step back a bit for 20 years or so.

Its that old charge of perspective thing that I seem to like doing – takes a lot of power out of things sometimes and lets the head quiet down or even have a mute button switched on. Don’t get me wrong I still have the occasional wobble but it DOESN’T rule every decision I make. I digress – as per usual I hear you cry

So what was it that was blasted through? Cut to the point already

Ok – The point was the one that really had me going “Oh shit they’re right”.

Running away from the knowledge of what you can ACTUALLY do and the responsibility it brings. I’ve been doing this for years.

For everything when I really look back – that severe lack of confidence in self can be seen across every layer of my life and who I was. It’s still going on now but not to the same extent as the amount of self and shadow work I do/have done for myself has stripped a lot out. Folks who knew me even 4-5 years ago would really not recognise me now. And thats a great thing as far as I’m concerned as it means I’ve grown.

But I still downplay what I can do – I bury my head in the sand about what I’m being show I CAN do and what i WILL do (sorry my team channelling that bit)

Why do you do that?


Fear of really putting myself on a limb and saying “I can do this” , fear of being seen, fear of being put on some sort of pedestal or being looked up to. I’ve seen too many times what happens when folk let that vibration in – and its not pretty. Having seen I never wish it for myself – but I’m doing myself a disservice in the longer term, I know myself and my team simply wouldn’t allow that to come in, so it wont. But the fear is still there.

So I’ll work on it – thats the simple bit 🙂

I was standing at the kettle making the first cuppa of the day this morning when the message finally came in loud and clear……

Since I started out with Reiki all those years ago the majority of people who find me or seek me out are other energy workers or therapists. It’s a trend that’s getting stronger and more marked since the Dragon Energy started coming in. Part of my role this time round is a support for other Energy workers – in whatever form that needs to be.

“Stop running from this its coming to you regardless.
Look at the confirmations you’ve had and accept it to be so.
Part of your role is to support other energy workers, you already do and have done for 13 years.
Acknowledge it.”

I keep being shown a building and have done over the last few years – whether I’ve to build it or find it I have no idea but this morning I finally got what the purpose is. It will be a support hub.

My work, as I understand it currently, is mainly about Clearing, Grounding and Anchoring – and it has many forms it would appear. I have a wry smile on my face as I sit and type this as you can likely imagine. This will be one physical aspect of it – a physical space to support myself and others.

I have no clue what exactly it will entail or how it will manifest but I’ve at least acknowledged it and not run screaming for the hills “I can’t do that!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I can – I simply have to suck it up, put on my big girl pants and get on with it …and stop procrastinating as I go.

So yes energetic kicks up the backside certainly get the job done.