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Look beneath the surface and the truth unfurls

A quick reminder as we can easily forget that small steps are still forwards motion.

If you feel overwhelmed, apathy, compassion fatigue or a sense of helplessness with all that is happening globally take a moment – find a point of stillness within and realise what you are feeling is a programme:

To make you feel those things.
Disempowering you.
Shutting you down.
Stopping you doing the work you are here to do.

Step beyond it.

Be grateful.
Do your thing, your work, what you are drawn/guided to do.
Not what you are told or manipulated to feel, do or how to work.
Use your powers of discernment.

Work from your heart not from a place of reaction, fear, panic or guilt. If you work from the latter you amplify those vibrations.

See beyond the surface and feel into things first and stop giving your power away.

Even if in your eyes what you are doing is tiny – it creates a bigger impact than you realise. And many people doing small things creates a cumulative effect.

So keep going.

Yes I may give you tough love at times but I can’t sugar coat my words , nor will I insult you by trying to.

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