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Oracle card reading 10t – 16th May 2021

photo of cars drawn for the weekly reading 10th to 16th May 2021

Mon 10th – Tue 11th : The Golden Phoenix

Hmmm here we go again. Yet more opportunity for something you thought was all dealt with to pop up. Now it may not be a bad thing, it may be something small and easily fixed.
Or it may be a bit of a clusterf&ck – it all depends on how you respond and if it’s a repeating cycle or the end of one.
If this is something that keeps coming up and it makes you frustrated are you dealing with it the same way EVERY time it comes up? If yes maybe try a different direction or a different way as what you’re currently doing just isn’t working.
For some others this is a marker that change(s) you have made very recently has STOPPED this cycle and you can breathe a sigh of relief. And then step in to the new cycle just starting with that Phoenix energy as support.
So which is it for you?
I can’t answer that for you
For a handful of others this is about the physical changes you have/can make to support your physical body. Be it a change in eating habits, exercise, time out. Whatever it happens to be that will help you become stronger and more balanced.
Pay attention to what your body is telling you direct – and then do it.
This also falls on New Moon on the 11th for those who work with it . Good time to clear out whats no longer for you…just saying.

Wed 12th – Thur 13th : The Elder

Sage advice is there – pay heed and pay attention.
It may not be from a source that makes sense (i.e. is a tad left of field) but that’s all the better. If you are expecting something then those expectations may block the flow of information.
This is very much about paying attention to your own thoughts and feelings. If they are out of sorts or don’t feel right then question them.
Where are they sitting, where do the stem from and what can you do to either move them on or fix them?
You are your own strongest counsel but we belittle our own guidance over external instead. I’m not judging here as I do it myself.
If advice comes from someone a bit older who has a broader range of life experience then great. Give it/them the respect deserved. Then decide if it’s for you or not. If it resonates or is in alignment with where you are/going.
That small word or translation may just be the spark of light or knowledge you need to get things moving. Even IF ITS FROM YOURSELF.
Some of you may even remember self-reliance and see it’s not a dirty word after all ……

Fri 14th – Sun 16th : No need to fear

Another strong card to end the week.
To remember that when you feel fear or anxiety to check it’s the real deal.
Are you actually nervous or fearful of a situation at the core of your being – or is it a learned response. Or a familiar pattern you’ve fallen into. Possibly even a habit… rather than a true response. Harsh I know but sit with it.
With as much upheaval as has been over the last 14 months or so it’s easy to react first and think about it later.
But pause instead. Take a breath and remind yourself of how strong you ACTUALLY are. Not how fearful people are saying you are. That’s some BS programming right there and should no longer be tolerated at any level.
Rather than become introverted or give in to the need to retreat inwards pull on that core strength instead.
Remember that there are things outside of your control and let them go. Focus on what you can have an impact on or change instead.
If you are comparing yourself to others – with respect – knock it off. That gets you nowhere other than a mental spin. Instead remind yourself of your strengths, your unique skill set and go from there.
Build your confidence back up where it has been eroded.
Or if you are in a good place help build OTHERS confidence in themselves back up.
extra card for the week

Extra for the full week : Fairies

Now the name of the card doesn’t resonate for me.
This card is all about watching for your triggers and not flying off the handle. Or reacting before thinking.
I can tell you from personal experience that the moment you stop and bring yourself back from the brink solves stops a lot of damage being done. Which you then have to rectify later.
The strongest advice I can give is do not engage.
If people want drama let them create their own. Don’t feed it to them. That’s exactly what they want.
Instead be present. Stop falling into easy long term habits of falling into victim mode. Be accountable for your reactions, beliefs and feelings.
Take responsibility for yourself and believe me others will have the strength to do it for themselves too. It may take a bit of time and repetition but they’ll get there.


Start of the week – the phoenix energy is at play. For some it’s a repeating cycle that you can look at breaking/changing. For some others you’ve made the step into the next cycle. And for some others it’s time to listen to your body for advice on what you can do to support it more fully.
Mid week – good advice is there but it’s up to you to listen to it. Be it from an external source or direct from yourself. Self-reliance is not something to sneer at – it’s actually a sign of strength.
End of the week – are you fearful due to a real threat or are you fearful out of habit. This is a tough question to ask and you will need to sit with it. Remember how much strength you actually have and all that you have tackled in your life to shape who you are right now. The confidence will return/strengthen the more you do this. Alternatively you may be helping build someone else’s confidence back up.
Extra for the week – let me be blunt. Think before you speak/act. And if it’s something thats set you off or spun you out then maybe step back and deal with it before you take out any collateral damage.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters, Oracle of the DragonFae, Alice the Wonderland Oracle all by Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies