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Oracle card reading 3rd – 9th May 2021

photo of he cards pulled for 3rd to 9th May

Mon 3rd – Tue 4th : Commitment

Ok so the start of the week is all about complete commitment to something – and in this card I see it as complete commitment to YOURSELF.
Delving deep and seeing where the currents take you. Where you have been planning or procrastinating it’s time to look again.
Is this something that you have a real drive or pull to do? Or are you kidding yourself? Only you can answer that not me – but whichever it is it’s time to devote fully. A bit of a “sh&t or get off the pot” moment if you will.
If you’ve been holding back, hiding or not truly being yourself I have one question. How knackered are you? The veil or mirage takes a lot of energy to hold – could you drop the pretence and use that energy in a better way?
If you’re reading this and are saying I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about lets try this. When’s the last time you asked your body what it needs. Truly what it needs. Not what you think you want, but what you need.
Listen to what comes up – for me it’s aways “you need to move more” or “rest”.
Honour what comes up, commit to it and see what pops up or starts to flow.

Wed 5th – Thur 6th : Creation

I love this card as it’s just so full of colour!
Now in the UK the timing of this one falls on local, council and regional political elections. So you have a choice (or two) to make which could bring in change. Maybe not Collectively but 100% for yourself. Concentrate on what you would love to see happen or be built. Really hold that vision and see what you are shown.
We all hold the power of creation but at times we can forget or not trust in it. To feel we aren’t creative or compare ourselves to others.
It’s not true but it can get disguised along the way as something else.
Creation can be about manifesting things into reality – so be VERY clear on what you are focussing on. All doom and gloom and you get more of the same.
Think outside the box and that creativity starts to flow. Things may suddenly click into place or appear in front of you as if by magic.
Intention is real and potent.
We are reminded mid way through the week to be careful what you wish for as you might just get it.
Be prepared!

Fri 7th – Sun 9th : Awareness

Now this is an interesting card as it falls across my annual solar return (birthday) and I’m paying attention to the details.
Which is exactly what this card is saying.
Be in observation, be aware of what is happening around you, pay attention.
It’s also a nod to determining what is distraction, what is awareness and what you 100% should be focussed on. And it’s different for everyone.
The distraction I pop my hand up and say I know WHAT is trying to distract me almost constantly. But I see it for what it is. And see through it. I am being shown these things as I can see how they may play out.
Then I can determine which to ignore, which to watch, and where to take action.
But it takes time and trust in yourself to understand your own BS. The fact this falls on my annual marker makes it a biggie to take into the next 12 months. And that’s fine – I’m good with that.
If you’re not sure ask your guides/guardians/what not to help maintain your boundaries and to give you a heads-up when something is there to throw you off track. Or even when to pay close attention.
Have a warning bell of sorts. For me it’s anything repeated in triplicate – then I pay extra attention.
You may find you get feelings of premonition or a sense of knowing what is coming – note it and see what plays out. Not everything is prophetic ……….
The card itself is showing a dragon on guard – you can ask for that level of assistance if required.
extra card for 3rd to 9th May 2021

Extra for the week : Strength

The card itself is called Bull Guide – which again is interesting as we are currently in the sign of Taurus.
This is not about being stubborn or intractable – that’s old control nonsense and we have moved on from there.
It’s about strength.
The strength of will, strength of mind, strength of conviction and strength of voice.
Stand firm.
Hold your ground if needed.
Give way if needed.
This is also a nod to your own personal/professional boundaries. Make sure they are in place and in good order. If they need a little work then take the time and do the needful.
When in doubt channel this one and become reacquainted with your spine, your truth and walking your own damn talk.


Start of the week – commit to yourself, your needs and listening to your body. Be yourself as it’s too draining right now to be anything else or anyone else Authenticity is key.
Mid week – creativity and creation has so many facets. You have more than one even if you stepped away or hidden them. Be careful what you focus on/wish for as many things are manifesting into reality – are you 100% sure this is the right thing for you?
End of the week – be aware. Watch the small details. Observe. Work out what/who is distraction and what is there for you to actually look at. Mind your boundaries and if help is needed as k your team to step in to assist.
Extra for the week – strength. Strength is needed be it in stance, truth or simply holding your ground. We are in the sign of Taurus right now so don’t confuse strength with stubbornness – that feeds old out of date beliefs. Again check your boundaries.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies