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Oracle card reading 12-18th April 2021

Mon 12th – Tue 13th: Lunar cycles

Now it’s not lost on me that his card falls slap bang on the New moon on the 12th (well in the UK, where you are it might be a day difference). And this is very much a nod for me of natural cycles and flow.
Of stepping back and letting nature become your watch/clock. It’s easy to get obsessed with time, it’s a very human learned trait. But when you can connect back to the heart beat of the land, the seasons, the lunar and solar cycle things may click back into place.
If you work with a particular stage of the lunar cycle – honour that. Don’t feel that you have to fit in with everyone else. Buck the trend and go with what feels right for you. And if that part in the cycle shifts for you then go with it.
Pay attention to the smaller details and see if you can spot a pattern in your own physical self – if it helps to journal then go for it.
It’s not something that works or flows for me due to some negative connotations re diaries in a previous professional context – and that is mine to deal with. But I appreciate that journalling can and does work for others.
If you find your emotions. hormones of general mental health state seems to be running on a pattern can you set things in place going forwards? Do you feel you need to look at some of them to help break the cycle? Are you happy with how you find them?
Take some time for some inwards facing work.


I’m also drawn to the flame/torch in the card itself and again it may be that some of you (a bit like myself) work more with solar energies/cycles than lunar. If that’s the case again look and see if you can spot any patterns in your behaviour.
Also being prodded to say if you work with crystals do you gravitate towards the same of different ones through the solar/lunar cycles? I’ve just to ask as it’ll resonate for who needs to read it

Wed 14th – Thur 15th : Investigate

Now this is interesting as this was not the original card for this point in the reading. It was for an overview but I knew it was in the wrong place. I moved it to here and things made more sense.
And curiously as I sat down to write this I saw on the page of the artist herself this very image pop up as a post. I’ll take that as confirmation.
It’s a bit of a repeating theme and it’s going to continue to be one for some time to come. As it flows with the challenging and sticky energies that keep popping up individually and Collectively.
To look a bit deeper than the surface that is being presented. Really do some deep research, feel into things and then trust your gut.
If it feels off then look into the details.
And for goodness sake stop and think before taking any leaps. Now really doesn’t feel like the best time for that.
Ask questions of those around you, what is presented, of ourself, of my words and translation. Of your team, guides and guardians. Do they have your best interest at heart or is it invested in a specific outcome?
If it feels right then it will be – trust in what comes to you direct.
This is very much a card and heads-up for the unexpected. If you go into things with your eyes open there is less likely-hood that you’ll fall over when things spin. Going in eyes closed may be a recipe for disaster.

Fri 16th – Sun 18th : Forget who you are/were

Ok so I’m aware this card was pulled not that long ago – but we’re going with it.
As it’s New Moon this week it can be worked with to shift what no longer resonates and to set new intentions.
What I’m seeing clearly in the card is Phoenix/Dragon/Fire energy being utilised to transmute what no longer gels.
Whatever you have dug a bit deeper into through the week may reveal that what you thought you knew, understood, believed about a situation, or even yourself isn’t actually true for you right now.
You have moved past that.
If it was even yours.
It may be something you have absorbed along the way that belonged to someone else. Be it a mentor, a parent, a figure of authority – whatever, whomever. In some cases it may be a form of conditioning that you can now see and question.
Take the opportunity to transmute it out of your system, your energy, your memory. And make space for something new to be integrated in.
Phoenix, Dragon and Fire energy are very good at this. But if they don’t feel comfortable to you (and I get that not everyone likes to work with that much heat) ask Source to help you transmute the energies, beliefs, thoughts etc back to light.
And I’m being asked to also remind that you don’t HAVE to know each and every thing that you are releasing. It may be that you set the intent that if not in your best and highest good you are happy to simply let go trusting it is done.
It’s a period of unlearning so to speak.
Extra card drawn for the week

Extra card for the week : Surfacing

An extra heads-up for the week is that you may find yourself changing a bit. More at an awareness-of-self level.
Parts of yourself that have been tucked away for safe keeping may be ready to head to the surface. Or talents you didn’t know you had may make themselves known.
For some it may be some shadow aspects coming up – and thats ok. Acknowledge it rather than hide it. Sometimes that is all that is needed to allow it to move on. You may have some work to do – and if you need assistance you will find the right person.
Feel into what pops up and again check the fine print.
I’m also being shown that there may be some things at a Collective/Global level bubbling up. If you have been keeping yours eyes, ears and heart open it may not be a the same shock to the system as it might be for some others.
Be the anchor of stability for others this week if needed. Simply by being grounded and anchored in your own energy.
What I will say is the amount of colour in the card – and the feel I get when I write this – is that it’s not a bad thing all said.


Start of the week – reconnect with natural cycles and seasons. Become more in tune with the natural world and the pace it runs at rather than being ruled by a clock. This is new moon time and it can be potent.
Mid week – time to question things. To dig deeper and perhaps not accept things at face value right now. So much is not what it seems. And this includes things you think you believe/know/feel. Now is not the time to leap without looking.
End of the week – a period of unlearning. To let go of what no longer serves or feels right for you. Transmute what you are releasing and if you need help then ask and the best form for you will make itself known.
Extra for the week – there may be things that have been bubbling under the surface which are now rising up. Be it personal or collective. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open and you’ll navigate the shift in waters. A lot of this is positive but it may not feel that way straight away for those around you. Support where you can – or better yet walk your truth and others will see they can too.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies