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Oracle care reading 5th – 11th April 2021

This is an interesting one as the extra card theme for last week is now coming front and centre into the main reading for this week. Also the reading in terms of energy is very obvious simply from the card meanings as you may get enough just from that without my interpretation:
Renewal – Awakening – Power – No need for Fear
If that resonates more then skip past the rest and go with what you get direct from that alone.
photo of 3 cards pulled for 5th to 11th April

Mon 5th – Tue 6th : Renewal

Now interestingly the extra card last week was regeneration which has a similar meaning to the card fro the start of this week. How I am reading this is that many may not have paid attention to the suggestion last week. So you’re getting a kick in the rear this week.
Or at least another shot at it.
This is a time to slow down, to look deep within and ask your body and your energy what IT needs. And to listen to it at a very deep level.
This period of time is for your renewal of spirt, energy and all other things. If it’s felt like you are having to push to find any enthusiasm, get up and go or a spark of interest then this card is for you.
Take time to rest, ease back and let life happen at it’s own pace for a while.
Let your energy rebuild at its own speed as well.
Going hell for leather will only cause a crash – and it may be fast approaching for many.
So step back, find the things that help you to relax and do nothing for a change.
Those who have the energy without forcing it can look after things for a while.
If this sounds all a bit much and not something you can truly fit in – then go with gratitude for what you have in your life. That can shift energies in an instant.
Let your trust and faith in yourself come back in.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : Awakening

Now this is a powerful card – actually they all are. But this is a very personal one.
** Now those who are waiting for a mass awakening please don’t try and read this into things. This is at a PERSONAL level – the Collective follows. You cannot force a mass shift if the individuals haven’t gotten to that point yet. **
This is a feeling that may creep up that you can see, feel and do more. That your talents and powers are coming up to the surface. For some it may be a change in these you did not see coming.
But when you step back and stop trying to micro manage all things they can unfurl as they are mean to.
You may start to more fully embrace what you “know” at an instinctive level. Of truly walking your talk and not being afraid or fearful of others seeing you do it.
It can be one thing to say, and something very different to do.
But when you do it can shine a light for others to walk their talk.
Be brave and take that first step.
So much more has the potential to open up and be revealed to you when you do.
To some others – some tough love time.
Stop lying to yourself.
Acknowledge it, deal with it and start moving forwards.

Fri 9th – Sun 11th : Power

Can you see the progression through the energies this week?
From that warm soothing deep orange/brown colour to the vivid, energising yellow?
This for me is again as personal card – personal power.
Power can be a bit of a dirty word these days – but go back to the roots of what you know or feel it to be. Challenge your thinking and beliefs and see what pops up or appears as an alternative. Is this an opportunity to shed some long held, out of date beliefs? Or to shift your perspective….
For me this is about checking in with your solar plexus – you seat of personal power and seeing how it’s doing. Does it look healthy? Does it need some TLC or repair? Whatever you see it’s time to do some work here.
If it feels a bit depleted look at the connections which may be draining it. It is something you can step back from, dissolve or delegate out?
Those facilitators out there who are a bit frazzled – have you set space and time aside for yourself or are you sacrificing your energy for others? May be time to have a conversation with yourself and set boundaries/priorities.
Work on building this reservoir of energy for you to pull from when needed. So you can get through the tougher moments.
If you have been handing your power to others it’s time to reclaim it and bring it back. Tough as it may seem to start with you CAN do it. It was always yours, so call it back, clean it up and integrate it back in. Ensuring any ties, cords or attachments are dissolved out.
Sometimes we handed over power as it kept us small….and we did it willingly. But again it’s time to look at this question it and do the needful to move forwards.
And a caution be careful that you are not keeping someone small or lifting pieces of their power. Not a good energetic rebound from that.
extra card for the week

Extra for the full week – No need to Fear

And lastly we have the extra for the week which is fairly straight forwards. There is no real need for fear when you can remember what makes you, well you.
Sometimes we find ourselves in a fearful state for no good reason. Possibly the words of others that have landed on fertile ground in your mind. Or we have worked ourselves up over the “what if’s” for so long they feel real and stop us in our tracks.
Shake yourself free of this – realise what is yours and what is not. And that sense of fear and foreboding was never yours in the first instance. Hand it back or send it to Source.
Allow those shackles to fall off and see if things start to shift. And how quickly they can. Feel able to breathe and realise the world isn’t all doom and gloom. It never was.
If you have been comparing yourself to others and found yourself “lacking” – it’s time to question this one too. No-one has the same blend of qualities and strengths that you do. So embrace them, accept them as part of who you are them and stride forwards once more.
By being brave, being yourself and getting on with life you may just show others how THEY can do it.


I’ll keep this summary short and sweet and remind you of the card meanings only:
  • Renewal
  • Awakening
  • Power
  • No need for Fear.

Decks used:

Path or the Soul, Divine Guidance , Return of Spirit – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland deck – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies