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Oracle card reading 15th – 21st June 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 15th to 21st June 2020

Mon 15th – Tue 16th : Dictionary – Communication

Ok so we are getting VERY strong confirmation of something I have been saying for a while – in fact I had this exact conversation 2 days ago.

We are being cautioned here – to be VERY precise in what we say, write or listen to. There is a level of miscommunication right now that is off the scale. People not reading or listening and instead reacting to what they THINK they have heard /read. When in fact they haven’t. Some is deliberate, some is accidental.

It frustrating for everyone. So here’s a tip.

Read it twice – does it say the same thing? Or did you miss something in translation? Does it change how you were about to respond? If yes thank your lucky stars you took a moment before launching in. This is rife right now – and I’ve been seeing it playing out for a while – it is only going to increase this week.

So whatever you are saying be very sure, very precise in your meaning so that it can’t be misunderstood and if you can’t then perhaps hold back from saying it right now. Even the smallest of mistakes will blow up into something much bigger. Sense checking before you hit enter or before you hit reply will pay off.

For some others (and again I’ve had this exact conversation) it’s time to re-educate yourself. On whatever topic keeps raising it’s head so you can have the conversations with more background understanding. But also check the language being used.

Is it in the right context?

Here is one very good example – and this one makes me physically wince when I see it. In the spiritual field (and recently in the political one) many people speak of being a sovereign being/state. Fair enough it’s become a bit of a buzz word. Now go look up the meaning in the dictionary – hell it’s on this card to do it.

Not quite what you thought it meant now is it – still handing over your energy to someone else.

Go look up autonomous.

Let me guess this fits a bit better now doesn’t it. So go change your language and see the energy shift. Words have power so do some digging into what they ACTUALLY mean. I can bet you you’ll be changing the script.

Wed 17th – Thur 18th : Write

Ok this now falls on the Mercury retrograde we have starting on the 18th giving us 5 in the month.

Before you panic this is actually a good thing. As it gives us a chance to catch our breath and re-assess where we are. I know I’d like a breather for a day or so.

It also gives us a chance to look at the fine print. We’re being really pulled back from signing up to anything long term right now – so be very very very sure before putting your name to whatever it is. Re-read the details, check you feel happy and if you have doubts step back for a bit and think it through.

Another strand for this one is to document what you are experiencing in some way. For some it may be journaling, for others a blog space, or even the start of a book. Whatever it is put pen to paper. You can see the pattern or development when you read it back later down the line.

We are at a point of living history and documentation is a way of recording what is happening in real time. To ensure what is written in history reflects what ACTUALLY happened. To go beyond main stream media and have true personal accounts. It all counts.

You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops – you can if you want, but personally I would recommend not. But have your account, your feelings, your growth, shifts and changes in a way that is tangible. So you can mark where you have come from to where you find yourself.

I am speaking slightly in code and you’ll get it if you are meant to hear it.

Fri 19th – Sun 21st : The Wild Huntress – face your shadow

Ok down to brass tacks ladies and gentlemen.
No more faffing.
It is beyond time for us to look at shadow individually and at a Collective level.

The timing of this card is not lost on me as we have Solstice on the 20th followed by New Moon and a partial solar eclipse on the 21st (in the Uk at least – it may vary slightly depending where in the world you are). These are big energies and not to be messed with.

So much has been forced to the surface in the last 6 months, so much has changed BUT many are turning away or turning a blind eye to what sits in front of them.


This is one of the best opportunities we have to REALLY look within , look at what is being forced up and do something about it. It can be as simple as acknowledging and giving space to what has been forced down. To give it a voice – and then to help release, move on or absorb it into balance.

Shadow is simply a different aspect of light and we are a balance of it.

Take responsibility for your feelings, beliefs, thoughts and start down the path to true autonomy. Stand in your own shoes, walk your talk and do the work. No-one can wave a magic wand and do it for you. You can find facilitators who can help guide you – but a good one will give you the tools to sort it out yourself.

Yes this may feel a little harsh but if a kick up the rear end is what you have been needing or looking for then consider it delivered.

Those who have been doing those work for a while and know exactly what I’m talking about will be helping the Collective at various levels – go as guided. And if you need to step back from others just do it. They will understand or will be shown how to.

These are potent times filled with potential – it is up to you how you sow the seeds for the next 6 months.


Start of the week– be very very very careful when to comes to communication at the start of the week. The possibility for serious miscommunication is at it’s strongest. If something can be taken out of context over a small omission or mistake it’s possibly best to wait for a bit before saying it. Sit with it instead if you can. Many may want to take a break from Social Media as it has the potential to become UnSocial Media this week. Also check the true meaning of the words used – when you really look you might realise it’s NOT what you thought it was. Educate yourself – it’s a hell of a tool.

Mid week – time for a period of re-assessment. Looking at the small print and sense checking before putting your name to anything. You’ll thank yourself later. Also if guided to journal or capture your feelings, observations etc of what is happening right now then do it. This is a period of living history and what you document now will illuminate for those who follow.

End of the week – tough love time folks. Stop ignoring or pushing away the shadow aspects of yourself or the Collective that are being presented to you. Instead BE present and look at them. Too often we push away what is uncomfortable but the energies are showing this can no longer continue. As this can no longer be supported. Instead be brave, face them, do what is needed to move them to make space, or to acknowledge and integrate in some way. Use this mid year marker point (solstice) to see where you have come in 6 months and what you want to bring in for the next 6 months. And that includes removing or dissolving what no longer serves a purpose.


Decks used :

Diviniation of the Ancients – Barbara MeikleJohn-Free
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish


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