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Oracle card reading 8th – 14th June 2020

Photo of three oracle cards pulled for the 8th to 14th June 2020 reading


ok folks I’ll be upfront I have had a lot of personal triggering, shifting and energies all over the place. I will do my absolute best to keep my personal stuff out of this weeks reading – just so you know.

Mon 8th – Tue 9th : DragonFae of Rebirth

Ok this is very much a nod to those who have been feeling as if something isn’t quite as it should be, something is missing or feels out of place with their energy. You may have had shadow aspects come up or come up around you from others.

It can be very uncomfortable time but don’t run away from them. Instead look at them head on – sit with discomfort and you may be shown what requires work, to be let go or to be reconfigured in some way.

When you start on this work or simply acknowledge it the whole phoenix cycle can complete – the end of one thing before the beginning of something new.

It may be new energies, new knowledge or even an understanding of who you are. This can lead to you feeling whole again – being in balance or simply being yourself. It’s a process of rebuilding and it’s ever evolving. It may take a bit of time.

Look at what comes up, do the needful, and feel your shoulders drop, the tension drop and ease flowing once more.

For some others (and I place myself in this one) may be drawn to ancestral or timeline work to help clear, heal or dissolve old wounds, victim marks or repeating stories. If guided to do this ensure strong boundaries and check in with yourself frequently to stay grounded. It’s easy ti get caught up in the story and forget yourself.

Balance is key.

Wed 10th – Thur 11th : Transcendence

The galactic fox of transcendence. An interesting card given that at the start of the week as it refers back to having been feeling weighted down and stagnant. Of being so dragged down by what is playing out that we can shut off our connecting to Source and diminish somewhat.

Instead we are reminded that we are connected to all things – always. And even those times when we feel disconnected we aren’t.

Your connection to Source and your connection to Gaia are ALWAYS there. You don’t need to connect through a modality, or through someone else’s words or process (you can if you wish and it helps) it is there direct.

For some right now there may be galactic downloads, alignments and whatnot coming in especially now we are in the eclipse window – that void of all possibility. Be aware what asks to come in and sense check it . Discernment is still key.

You are more than the sum of your parts, you are important, you have a role to play in a far bigger picture than can be seen right now. Take comfort in that connection right now. You can be human and more in the same space at the same time – will make sense to those who need to read it.

Fri 12th – Sun 14th : Snow White and her Animal Friends

Curious card to pop up as right now I’m not feeling it – however lets dive back in.

This is about leading by example – of giving a voice to the voiceless, of protecting the vulnerable, of guiding the younger ones through stormy waters, of stepping up for those who cannot for themselves.

When you have built up trust and integrity the next step can be to guide others forwards. Now the pressure of this can lead to you stepping back, becoming quiet and fading. Try not to do this if you can.

We are in stormy waters right now – when you stop and be present you can see all the different streams and currents rushing past. Take a breath, connecting with your inner self, your moral code and you sense of justice and remind yourself where you stand.

This is a time to walk your talk – and to be SEEN to do so. This is what we call leading by example.

When you have your integrity questioned dig deep back into the core of who you are and your voice will carry strong and true. Realise it may be a ploy or attempt to destabilise you and the work you are here to do. Have a wobble but get right back up on your feet and keep on going.

You don’t have to scream and shout from the rooftops, just be yourself and do what feels right and true to you.


Start of the week – lots of potential for shadow or uncomfortable self work this week. Do your best to acknowledge what comes up for you/collective and do what is asked of you to move it forward/on/dissolve . Self work isn’t always easy but it is necessary – and as you do work for yourself you help the Collective.

Mid week – if you have lost your faith or link to Source don’t panic. That link never leaves you , you can connect to it whenever you need/want to. You may have direct downloads/alignments coming in from Galactic sources right now – that can mean your team stepping back or your work taking a bit of a back seat while you Integrate. But they are there for when you come out the other side.

End of the week – for many it is time to lead by example. To walk your talk and not waver. Be true to yourself. Give a voice to the voiceless and protect the vulnerable. If you find your integrity under attack or being cast in doubt – dig deep. Remember who you are and where you stand. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep doing what you were doing.


Decks used :

Oracle of the Dragon Fae
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
All by Lucy Cavendish


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