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Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd March 2020

photo of 3 cards pulled for the weekly reading 16th to 22nd March 2020

Mon 16th – Tue 17th : Elizabeth and the Lion

Starting off the week is a card I’m fighting with a bit on one level. Simply as I do not resonate with Elizabeth for my own reasons. However lets move past my stuff and see what the Lion on the card is actually saying.

This is about walking your talk, stepping up and being a leader in some way. Now it may be leading by example – particularly in the current global energies. Or it may be using your voice in a way to help a group(s) of people.

This can be a bit of a daunting task but you will be able to do it, or have already started in some way. If you have been in observation mode you will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say it’s time. And yes I include myself in this one as I have been stepping back from hitching myself to the bandwagon but can see various things that I will be talking about.

There are ways to lead/show the way that don’t require shouting or grandstanding. You can lead by being seen to take action. And you will be seen. The smallest thing can have the largest impact.

When you speak from the heart and not the head it is felt on a deeper level. It may be a simple thing to you as to what you are standing up to do/say/show but for others it may just be a beacon of hope, sanity or common sense that helps tip the balance back.

So if you have a drive to share something that is helping, that is burning in your awareness, or simply launching yourself out there in a different way – do it.

Wed 18th – Thur 19th : Storm

Fairly apt wouldn’t you say?

The first thing that strikes me on the card itself is the infinity loop pattern I can see – that constant cycle of connection and movement and change.

So the message itself.

We all have storms in our life be it health, relationships, work, our energies etc. It’s how we weather them that we are asked to focus on right now. Are you able to remember at the centre of the chaos that the wind will ease, the rain will stop and the sun will return.

It’s a temporary space of perceived chaos and is ripe for allowing mass change and shifts – when you can connect with it in that way. As an energy you can work with not battle against.

Change is a constant in life and at times we are given situations to challenge us and remind us that holding on sometimes does more damage than good. When you have the strength to let go and adapt with it all – even the shadow that may be cast up – you grow. You learn, you remember you realise you are FAR stronger than you had given yourself credit for.

Those exiting the storm and seeing how the land now lies – well done at holding your nerve, doing the work and going with it.

Those entering a period of storm. You will get through it – I have faith in you. When the panic, anxiety, fear starts to rise remember it is temporary. You will have days where you can see the light again. Support is there when you reach out – perhaps not in the way you expect. And thats the point – to release expectations as they limit you and others.


I’m also drawn to the main colour of the card which is purple. For me this is the colour of the third eye. Of sensing beyond what is presented and seeing the truth for what it really is.

Delve deep right now as so much distraction, distortion and misinformation is there to knock you off course. Listen to your inner guidance, let your common sense come forwards. Pay attention to your gut.

Find a source of information that you trust and let the rest wash over. Due diligence is important. Don’t be guilted into doing or not doing something based on others opinions/feelings/beliefs. If it doesn’t feel right to you, then it’s not right for you.

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd : The Time Guardian

Now this card falls on the Spring/Autumn equinox (depending where in the world you are) and is a natural moment to pause, assess and be grateful for what you have right now. The good, the not so good, and the downright challenging.

This is a nod to paying attention to natural time, rather than the human construct of a clock. Get up to see the sunrise, watch the sunset, notice the growth of the plants around you. Pay attention to the birds, insects and animals as they show you so much wisdom about slowing down or speeding up. Nature can soothe as it teaches so spent time in it where you can.

It’s also a card that is confirmation of what I have been shown on and off this last week – of multiple timelines playing out in the same space instantaneously. It’s a tad confusing as they jump about so be aware that this is also going on – and you are not going mad when/if it happens. You are being given a choice – pick the one that feels right and makes more sense to you.

The predominant purple and gold on this I’m finding soothing when I tune in. So if feeling overwhelmed, drained or out of sorts take a moment to tune in. Work with the violet flame if it resonates to help move on anything you are discarding at an energetic level and let the golden ray in to re-balance and settle. You have time.


Start of the week : time for many to step up and lead by example. You don’t have to shout you can simply carry on your day to day life and the small conscious changes you make are being seen. They make a difference and may inspire others to share the message. Help people where and when you can.

Mid week : we all have storms in our life – just remember they do pass and the sun returns. Do what you can to stay balanced and centred – it may mean releasing the grip you’ve had on something but that change may be what calms the waters. If struggling ask for help. If overwhelmed with information bombardment find one source that you feel is the right one for you and let go of the rest . Take a break from social and mainstream media and it may help you to breathe and find a place of perspective that feels more like you again.

End of the week: we all have time – even if we feel we don’t. This Equinox have a pause. Take stock of where you are and what you have in your life right now. Breathe – get outside if you can and reset with nature for a bit. If you can sense various timelines playing out in the same space at the same time it may be time to pick one and work with it. Or simply to be aware that there is huge potential for change across a number of areas.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshfters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies